Spy On The Homefront: A Molly Mystery (American Girls: Molly)

ISBN: 060633680X
ISBN 13: 9780606336802
By: Alison Hart

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About this book

For use in schools and libraries only. While spending the summer at her grandparents' farm, Molly McIntire and her friend Anna Schulz must find the real source of anti-American propaganda when Anna's seventeen-year-old brother Max is targeted by the FBI as the traitor.

Reader's Thoughts


good book, i just wish it were a bit longer and more mystery.


when molly notices that there is sabatoge on the homefront. but a inocent man is being blamed. She must find out the guilty before it's too late.

Kristine Pratt

Really loved this one - a little talked about era in American history where we didn't always treat our own citizens very well. Looking at the German citizens in this story I learned (or relearned something I'd forgotten) that they too had been put in internment camps during WWII. Molly is brave and adventurous, not hesitating to break the rules (should I be happy about this as a parent?) to help her friends during troubling times. The lack of security at the airfield made me cringe, but honestly, isn't this what it was like back then in the smaller fields? Very exciting and recommended read. :)


On an old reading list from 2006.


I think you have to be a molly or WWII fan because i didn't enjoy it as much as i though i would. I was disappointed there was no emily in the book as well.....

Amanda Wheet

A nice Molly mystery that really builds off the events in Molly's short stories. This also offers a peak at the war from a different side - targeted Americans.


Molly is enjoying a visit to Grammy and Granpa's peaceful farm in the summer of 1944. But when Aunt Eleanor, an army pilot, flies in for a visit, she unknowingly brings trouble - and a frightening mystery.Molly looks for clues, but she discovers something else... that even on the home front, war time changes friends and family forever.Great story! The mystery starts right up and is another great one to read. Molly does solve the mystery but there's also a little danger involved with her sleuthing. A great mystery combined with a little danger really grabs the reader and pulls you into the story until you feel like you're right there and you don't want to put the book down until the mystery is solved.


I always love the originally Molly books from American Girl, I am less enthused about this mystery. The pacing of the story off and though it did give some interesting information about anti-war activity at the time as well as the penalties, it didn't save the story.


My daughter was going to return the book to her cousin but I thought I'd read it so she & I could talk about it. And I found I really enjoyed it! I like reading historical fiction and the writing was very descriptive & easy to visualize. And was a very easy read. As a mother, I liked the vocabulary definitions & German pronunciation guide.My daughter was impressed I finished so quickly and has decided she wanted to read it again, or finish it- she wasn't clear with me. But I look forward to discussing it with her!


FREE READING PROJECT!!!! 1st part in goodreadsBook: "A spy on the homefroont" Author: Alison HartGenre: nonfictionI choose this book because the title looked mysteriously and i love books that have mysteries.This book is about a girl who's name is Molly and she goes to visit her granparents on the summer. Molly has a friend , her name is Ana and she is part GERMAN.Everything goes perfect on summer except when Aunt Eleanor flies for a visit she unknowingly brings trouble and a frughtenning mystery. Molly starts to look for clues but she discovers something else. The purpose of this book is to show people that even the truthfull friends can be changed by the time of the war.I loved this book because it is very well organized and it is very intresting how Molly finds out what happens. Yes , I would recomend this book to a friend because it is a very intresting book,that shows you how the war can torn truth apart and doubts can be wrong,I learned so much from this book about history because it shows too , things that the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler wanted Germany to be racially "pure" and he condemned allot of people to death! Some american people hated but others joined him!


very cool book! I really liked this mystery book! I know that it is a very organized book! every event happened a very precise order! Alison Hart made a very good book. At first I used to not read the American Girl Mysteries, but one day I went like: why, why, why don't I read these kind of books just for fun! Now I know that they are very good books!

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