Stanislavski and the Actor

ISBN: 0878300902
ISBN 13: 9780878300907
By: Jean Benedetti

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About this book

In "Stanislavski and the Actor," Stanislavski scholar and biographer Jean Bendetti has recovered materials that can stand as a final, "last work" by the great director and teacher. In this volume readers will find the first English text of Stanislavski s notes and practical exercises from these last sessions. This is a major rediscovered work by Stanislavski, full of new ideas and insights about his working method. To the original materials Jean Benedetti adds his own analysis of Stanislavski's approach to acting and rehearsal methods.The master's own summary of a lifetime of theatrical experience, "Stanislavski and the Actor" will quickly become an essential tool for actors, students, and teachers everywhere.

Reader's Thoughts


Was reading backstage during the run of a show. Interesting, but didn't finish before the show was over (it belonged to the theatre), and I don't know that I'm interested enough to check out of the library.


A definite must read to anyone thinking of taking acting.

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