Star Wars: The Essential Chronology

ISBN: 0345434390
ISBN 13: 9780345434395
By: Kevin J. Anderson Daniel Wallace

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About this book

The latest "Star Wars( Essential Guide" chronicles the entire history of the "Star Wars" universe, based on the classic "Star Wars" movies, novels, and other adventures that began with "Star Wars: A New Hope" and starred Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. Illustrations.

Reader's Thoughts

Brian Mathieu

This is a stitching-together of many of the tales in the Star Wars universe, going back about 25,000 years. It's a little much to take in all at once, cover-to-cover, but not a bad reference to use when you've got a question about something mentioned in a movie/book/game.


I would like these books better if they were actual pictures instead of illustrations. But they do provide you with great in-depth details to nearly ALL the characters of Star Wars, both in the movies and Expanded Universe!

Marsha Altman

This book, which dates from 2000, was a pretty good effort at the time to compile a complete chronology of all of the events in the Star Wars movies, books, video games, comics, TV specials, and anything under official license. It helps that the author a lot of these official books that came out in the 90's until today. He's still a working writer, actually. It's an interesting look back at a chronology that will be voided by the Disney movies, I assume, as it deals with events post-Return of the Jedi that word is are not going to part of them. The art is really a highlights of the book. The pictures are adorable.It's a little messy because there's tons of centuries and millennium where basically nothing's going on for like, 3000 years, then something happens for 20 years (because the author wrote a book about, or another author did), then it skips ahead 400 years to another event, then skips another 1000 years because no one wrote anything about that time period. In fact, it makes the Empire that's such a big deal in the movies look pretty unimpressive because it lasted all of what, like 30 years before a peace treaty with the Rebels? And then maybe another 20 of continued resurgences before it gave up? (They have to kill Palpatine like, 3 times) That's really unimpressive when you consider the ancient Sith Empire that lasted a thousand. In the general scheme of things Palpatine was like a flash in the pan and it took Luke approximately 3 years to get the Jedi going again because he kept stumbling upon Jedi who were like in statis (or the one who was a giant tree). A lot of this isn't the author's fault - some of it is summaries of books written by different authors who reuse standard plot devices. Poo Han Solo is captured and either enslaved or held hostage so many times he should have capture insurance. Luke keeps receiving devastating wounds. Someone comes up with another piece of technology that blows up planets or stars. Some Jedi kids are kidnapped again. You'd think by this point in the universe, so many people have been fighting for so long it's surprising that all of the planets aren't blown to pieces. Also one thing is clear: If you are not a Jedi, you are lame. You are unimportant. The best thing to do is kill yourself and hope to be reincarnated as someone with some Force ability who can actually do something cool. I guess I recommend this book if people want a layout of the different stories in the different mediums available up to the year 2000 (including a droid cartoon show?), as the author lists his source material in the back. Also some neat art. Good for completists, or people just so totally lost in the chronology of the universe.


detailed collection of character history and description


This book is wonderful because it proves how much George Lucas screwed up his own story.


Star Wars Universe

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