Starting an eBay Business for Dummies

ISBN: 0764569244
ISBN 13: 9780764569241
By: Marsha Collier Laurie Collier S. Hayes

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About this book

Want to pick up extra cash? Explore opening an eBay store? Unload your dusty disco albums or the collection of antlers in the basement? Hey, those poor, dead deer could lead to a rich, lively career. Whether you want to build an eBay business from scratch or just want to make sure you're up on eBay's policy changes and taking advantage of new automation tools, this guide will have you selling successfully on eBay faster than you can say, "going...going...""Starting an eBay Business For Dummies 2nd Edition" gets you organized and in virtual business fast with step-by-step guidance on: Setting up basic auctionsPricing items or setting minimums strategicallyUsing the About Me page to begin creating a professional identityFinding sources of merchandise (once you exhaust your basement, attic, and relatives)Managing your business with online auction management services and software, including a list of 16 popular sites with their pricesWriting tempting descriptions and taking good photographs of merchandiseSelecting payment systems (and why shipping C.O.D. is a no-no)Handling inventory and keeping recordsWritten by Marsha Collier, author of "eBay For Dummies" and "eBay Bargain Shopping For Dummies, " an eBay PowerSeller, columnist, and teacher at eBay University, this book is packed with time-saving, money-saving tips plus secret eBay hints to help you compete with the pros from the get go. It gives you inside information on: eBay motors, real estate, and other unusual areasDutch auctions, reserve price auctions, and private auctionsUsing an eBay fee calculator to check your final value feesShipping and insuring merchandise efficiently and economicallyPrinting shipping labels and postageComplete with a glossary and index, "Starting an eBay Business For Dummies 2nd Edition" is just what you need to get started selling on eBay, to graduate from occasional seller to PowerSeller, or to become a genuine eBay entrepreneur like the ten whose success stories are featured in this book!

Reader's Thoughts


I'm reading it right now trying to figure out eBay! Hope it helps! :)


I found this book to be helpful. It had some good basic tips for selling on eBay. It gave me some ideas on where to find stuff to sell and some other tips I hadn't heard before online.


I'm reading it, but I haven't used any of its tips yet. So far it looks excellent.


Meh. Starting an eBay Business for Dummies is typical of a lot of Dummie books. All of them, including this one have a tendency to really dumb things down. Hey, what was I expecting with the word 'Dummies' in the title? I was hopefully it would get a little bit deeper. About the only thing I really took away from this book was the section on Tax Returns and the idea that I will have to start book-keeping should my business take off. I'd say give this book a Rent if you want to look up specific questions your not sure about, otherwise, you can get most of the info that's in the book on YouTube.

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