Storage Area Networks For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

ISBN: 0764524801
ISBN 13: 9780764524806
By: Christopher Poelker Alex Nikitin

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About this book

In case you weren't sure, a storage area network, or SAN, is a collection of computers and storage devices connected over a high-speed optical network and dedicated to the task of storing and protecting data. SANs solve many of the data storage and management problems that have long bedeviled enterprise networks, and they save companies who use them a bundle. Which is why SAN administration is one of the highest-paid jobs in IT today. Add storage area networking to your resume and your phone will ring off the hook with calls by head-hunters promising of six-figure salaries.Bored with in your current IT job and looking for a change of pace--and bigger bucks? "Then Storage Area Networks For Dummies" is for you. Have you been tasked with designing, implementing, or troubleshooting your company's SAN and need to play catch-up in a hurry? Look no further. In no time, this book gets you on track with the know-how and confidence you need to: Choose the right hardware for the jobDesign state-of-the-art SANsImplement a SAN and get it running like a well-oiled machineConfigure, manage and troubleshoot SANsSeamlessly integrate two or more SANsBecome a SAN sage and give your career a major boostFrom the ABCs of SANs to making the most of advanced SAN features, "Storage Area Networks For Dummies" covers all the bases in plain English and with loads of real-life examples. Key topics covered include: What are SANs, how they work, and who needs themSAN protocols, components, and common problemsDesigning and building a SANSANs and disaster recoveryNetworking SANsUnderstanding, choosing, and using SAN backup solutionsMaking the most of Point-in-Time technologyOutsourcing SANsManaging and troubleshooting SANsThe solution to so many enterprise data storage problems, SANs equal heightened efficiency and productivity for organizations and greater prosperity for those who build and manage them. Let "Storage Area Networks For Dummies" help you get in on the ground floor of one of today's hottest IT growth areas.

Reader's Thoughts

lamarcus brown

This book is so VERY well written for a technical book. It covers all the topics and covers them well, making it easy to understand the topics and how they fit into the overall picture. I showed this book to an HP SAN instructor who perused it and said "Yes, this has everything you need."

Ricardo Sueiras

Very good introduction in Storage Area Networks.


One of my Linux students contributed to this book! Had him sign it! Very good book on the basics of SANs.

Navneet Agarwal

Good enough to create an interest and understanding towards SAN especially when you never knew anything about it at all.

Andy Newby

SANing is just PACKED with excitement!!

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