Stylin’ with CSS: A Designer’s Guide

ISBN: 0321305256
ISBN 13: 9780321305251
By: Charles Wyke-Smith

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Reader's Thoughts

Matt Ward

This is one of the few reference books that I have actually sat down and read cover to cover, and it was completely worth it. For years, I had been struggling with using style sheets. I had learned HTML in a sort of mashed up, thrown-to-the-fire, just-do-it sort of way, but when I tried to do the same thing with CSS, well I failed to grasp the technology's simple beauty and produced frighteningly horrible style sheets.Finally, I decided that enough was enough and that I had to get this CSS thing sorted out. I went to the book store, selected this book from a myriad of others, on account of its simplicity and clean layout. I then brought it home and started reading. And the light came on. Over the course of just a few chapters, Wyke-Smith outlined the basic concept of CSS, demonstrated its wide range of uses and helped me establish a firm conceptual foundation, which has allowed me to implement complex style sheets easily and (relatively) painlessly. If you are just learning CSS, I highly recommend this book.


The best reference guide to learning CSS I've read so far. Goes beyond basic principles into much more complex design techniques and mathematical coding structures such as inheritance and pseudo-classes. Also has a well-organized and extensive CSS properties chart in the appendix, which is perfect for quick reference. I still don't think I'd be able to learn CSS from the ground up just with this book alone, but that could just be me (I don't really learn from written material). For me, it's a perfect guide to use with hands-on projects and material. For someone with an established background in computer languages, you probably could learn CSS with this book alone. Highly recommended for anyone starting out in the field. I'd say it's intermediate-level material.


Aha, this book is just what I needed. It's taught me what I've wanted to know to make webpages that are cool looking but also web standards compliant--meaning that I can make webpages that are readable across many platforms, and by people using screenreaders, or text-only interfaces. Nice! It means learning how to structure content cleanly and then applying the CSS to make it look rad, like I want.


Trying to teach myself some CSS. Not easy, but this book has given me some good tips.

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