ISBN: 1416505598
ISBN 13: 9781416505594
By: Pamela Redmond Satran

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About this book

From the acclaimed author of Younger and Babes in Captivity, a funny and moving novel about friendship, fame, and the fight for one suburb's future! Greetings from New Jersey Stella Powers is an A-list movie star who has just landed an Oscar-worthy role and a hot new rock-star husband when her mother's death brings her world tumbling down. Floundering as her life becomes one tabloid horror after another, Stella finds herself stuck in the New Jersey suburb she fled twenty years ago. But Homewood is no longer the sleepy town she remembers: housing prices are skyrocketing and glitzy new stores -- and people -- are moving in. To Stella and her young daughter, this is good news. Wish you weren't here. The bad news: Stella's childhood best friend, Mary Jean, who married Stella's old boyfriend and raised four kids in Homewood, can no longer afford to live there. Mary Jean is determined to wrest back the town but needs Stella on her side. The stakes for both women are high, but how can these old friends reconnect after so much time has passed? Or more importantly, how can they not?

Reader's Thoughts


This was a book I picked up at the library. It was a decent book, but I am glad I did not buy it. I would describe it as entertaining at times, but nothing all that exciting.

Bobbie Grob

This book was okay. Slightly cheesy, fairly predictable, but a cute enough story.


Good fast read. A story of two childhood friends reunited when one (a movie star) movies back to her hometown.


Quick read. Would be good for the beach. Nothing to heavy but certainly kept my attention. Put it on your summer reading list to read by the pool.


Not my favorite Pamela Redmond Satran book. I thought the plot was kind of predictable.


This was a really fun read.




Another quick-read brain candy.

Inge Hulsker

Entertaining, a bit predictable. Nice characters, especially the kids were portrayed very well. A nice & fast read.


I really enjoyed reading this book. If you are a fan of chic lit, this is a must read.


Good beach read - little far fetched relateable if you are a mom living in the Suburbs - could be YOUR middle class neighborhood they are talking about since takes place in NJ!


12/28 rec via bookmooch


It was alright. The kids' disrespect towards their parents was ridiculous to the point of being distracting

Mary Lea

This book wasn't GREAT but it wasn't bad either. It was a quick read. I liked it b/c it was based in NJ.


This was a quick, light read. The story of two women who were best friends throughout childhood, drifted apart, and then were reunited again as adults was easily relatable. I enjoyed the opposite personalities and lifestyles of the two women, which made for a cute, yet predictable story. Sometimes you need a light read that you know will have a neatly tied up, happy ending!

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