Sun and Moon

ISBN: 1558589953
ISBN 13: 9781558589957
By: Marcus Pfister

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About this book

Day after day, the Sun and the Moon follow their lonely, separate paths across the sky. How they wish they could meet and become friends. One sunny day, their paths finally cross--with dramatic results! Pfister illustrates this fanciful explanation of eclipses in vivid colors, finding bold shapes and patterns in the earth and sky, in stormy and sunny weather.

Reader's Thoughts


Both the Sun and Moon tell the Earth how lonely they are and how they wish for a friend. They would be perfect for each other, but how would they meet? A solar eclipse!

Cassi Dick

"Sun and Moon" goes through the different weather conditions. It talks about wind, thunderstorms, rainbows, and the moon. The Sun goes through saying why he doesn't like thunderstorms and wind, but does like the rainbow anow moon. I like how it talks about when they are in refrence to weather. This is a good book for if you were teaching students about weather ages 6-8.

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