Sunset in St. Tropez

ISBN: 0553713043
ISBN 13: 9780553713046
By: Danielle Steel

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About this book

In her 55th bestselling novel, Danielle Steel explores the seasons of an extraordinary friendship, weaving the story of three couples, lifelong friends, for whom a month’s holiday in St. Tropez becomes a summer of change, revelation, secrets, surprises, and new beginnings . . . As Diana Morrison laid the table for six at her elegant Central Park apartment, there was no warning of what was to come. Spending New Year’s Eve together was a sacred tradition for Diana, her husband of thirty-two years, Eric, and their best friends, Pascale and John Donnally and Anne and Robert Smith. The future looked rosy as the long-time friends sipped champagne and talked of renting a villa together in the South of France the following summer. But life had other plans . . .Just two weeks after New Year’s, tragedy strikes the heart of their close circle, as Robert Smith suffers a sudden, unexpected loss. Without hesitation, Diana and Eric, Pascale and John rally to his side, united in their support, love, and shared grief. Convinced that a change of scenery is just what Robert needs, they urge him to join them on the Riviera in August. But as they soon discover, the ramshackle old mansion they rented in St. Tropez--sight unseen--is far different from the exquisite villa and sun-drenched gardens touted in the brochure. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling. Beds collapse beneath them. All while a would-be housekeeper in a leopard-skin bikini and six-inch heels sashays through the house with a trio of yapping poodles at her heels. But the biggest surprise of all is the woman Robert invites to the villa as his guest--a lovely, much-younger film actress with mile-long legs and a million-dollar smile. Diana and Pascale hate her on sight. But the men are dazzled. And amid the crumbling furniture and the glorious sunsets, the strained relationships and the acts of forgiveness, more surprises are in store for the villa’s occupants. With the last days of summer fast approaching, each couple finds themselves changing in unexpected ways, as old wounds are healed, new love discovered, and miracles unfold...all beneath the dazzling sun of St. Tropez.By turns wise and moving, heartbreaking and wickedly funny, Danielle Steel’s new novel is about forgiving without forgetting, about the sorrow that shadows our lives and the hope that saves us. And it is about once-in-a-lifetime friendships . . .the kind that heal, sustain, and change us forever.From the Hardcover edition.

Reader's Thoughts


حسناً..هذه أول قراءة لدانيل ستيل! و هذه الرواية تبدو أنها فرنسية جداً! هل باقي كتاباتها كذلك؟لم أشعر بالملل كثيراُ و لكن الترجمة ذكرتني بروايات عبير و أحلام !ناهيك طبعاً عن بعض التفاصيل المستفزة التي تحتوي علي الكثير من الشموع و الليالي القمرية كلما مرت صفحتين أو ثلاثة:)


As Diana Morrison laid the table for six at her elegant Central Park apartment that New Year's Eve, she had no idea of what was to come in the coming year. New Year's Eve dinner together was a sacred tradition for Diana, her husband of 32 years, Eric, and their best friends, Pascale and John Donnally and Anne and Robert Smith. The future looked rosy for the six friends as they sipped champagne and discussed their plans to rent a villa together in the south of France for that summer. But life had other plans...Just two weeks after New Year's, tragedy strikes their close-knit little circle when Robert Smith suffers a sudden and unexpected loss. Without hesitation, Diana and Eric and John and Pascale rally to his side, united in their support, love and grief. In an effort to ease Eric's pain, and as a change of scenery for themselves, they urge Robert to join them on the Riviera in August. The ramshackle old mansion that they rented in St. Tropez - sight unseen - is nothing like the exquisite villa and sun-drenched gardens touted in the brochure. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling, beds collapse beneath them and the would-be housekeeper sashays around the house in a leopard-print bikini, six-inch stilettos, with a trio of yapping poodles at her heels.What is really surprising though, is the woman who Robert brings along as his guest. A lovely, much-younger film actress with a million-dollar smile and mile-long legs. Diana and Pascale instantly hate her, but Eric and John are dazzled. Amid the crumbling furniture and glorious sunsets, the strained relationships and acts of forgiveness, more surprises are in store for the villa's occupants. With the last days of summer fast approaching, the couples find themselves changing in unexpected ways. Old wounds are healed, new love is discovered and miracles unfold beneath the dazzling sun of St. Tropez.I really enjoyed this book. It was a light and fun read; not that particularly strong on plot, I suppose, but still very sweet and engaging. I give it an A!

Aliaa Talaat

لطيفة .. واضح ان النهارده عملت ريكورد فى القراءة عشان كده مقدرتش اسيبها غير لما اخلصها ..النهاية السعيدة لكل الأبطال زى المعتاد من دانيال استيل بس بطريقة مقنعة ومفرحة تنفع الرواية اوى فى أوقات الأكتئاب أو الأحباط ..وبتبين قد ايه ممكن الستات يكونوا قاسيين على بعض بطرق غير منطقية ..

Tina Levy

Actually 2 1/2 stars. No big deal for DS...


I usually like ur books, even love some of them, most are different and touching... what happened with this one though?? it was so predictable and such a bore! its only my love of novels that kept me going. A husband in 32 years of marriage cheats on his wife! How is someone supposed to have faith in marriages anymore? but the funniest part was in the end when pascale is pregnant, a gynac examines her and pregnancy is not even in his differentials! hope the next book I read does not let me down!


I read this when I was in grad school far away from what had become my life. It was an easy, guilty pleasure read. And I very much enjoyed it :)

Zainab Al-rifai

اخر قراءة لدانيال ستيل

Lianne Burwell

Back when I decided to read this, it was to find out why Danielle Steele is such a high seller, and it was a short book.Big mistake. It read more like the outline for a much longer book. Characters are not developed, and it suffers from a bad case of telling instead of showing. Definitely not a book worth reading.


9- If you could ask any character a question, what would you ask? If you could ask the author a question, what might be? Explain why you chose these questions.I would like to ask Diana if she hasn’t forgiven her husband how she thinks that her life could finish in the book. I want to ask this because I believe that we can make mistakes too, so it is important to try to forgive who we love. The question to the author is if she wrote the book based in her real experience. I’m curious to know if the characters are real and if the story really happened.14- Why do you think the author wrote this story? Where did he or she get the idea or the characters? What message do you think that the author is trying to share? I think that the author wrote this novel to show us how a real friendship can be, and also to teach us to not judge anyone without knowing this person. I believe that she got the idea in her real life, maybe observing some people close to her. That story could be real; it’s not impossible to happen. The message that I got is that a real friendship is very important, and it can help us in all the moments of our life. I learned too that it is very easy to judge a person if we are trying to protect someone that we love; however, we should not do that because you can’t judge if this person is good or bad if you don’t know her or his. Another important message is that forgive is a beautiful action that can change our life.


Another lovely short story by Danielle Steel. This story is about three couples that are in their 60's. the youngest one just entered the 60 club, so to celebrate this milestone in their lives they decide to all take a vacation to St. Tropez. They get together a couple of times a month to have dinners at each others houses and celebrate New Years every year. This New Years they decide to go on this vacation in 6 months. During this time two of the couples face challenges that threaten the vacation.I liked how the story went smoothly along it didn't bog down with a bunch of nonsense. I liked the characters especially Pascale, she was entertaining and the relationship she has with her husband is different. If you didn't k ow them you would think they hated each other the way they talk and interact with each other. It was entertaining at times.I didn't like how another character was bought into the circle. I thought it was to soon, but then again when you are in your 60's time is no longer on your side and you have to grab onto happiness when you can. The message i got from this story is to treasure every day with the ones you love because no one is promised tomorrow. If you love somebody you have to be willing to forgive and give second chances. There are times we all make bad choices and regret them and regret hurting the ones we love, sometimes we have to look past that and just love them, faults and all.Over all I gave this story 3 stars. I enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to read. :)


As I've stated before, Danielle Steel has run out of fresh ideas and consistently repeats descriptions of her characters throughout the book. Still, I feel a loyalty to reading her books. I keep them to the side until a sudden urge comes over me to read one. This was one of her books that I really enjoyed. It was a quick read.


To me this book was boring. There really were no plot twists, or anything exciting. I think Danielle Steel is a good writer, so it was a good book, but just a little slow. If you're in the mood for easy reading about love, couples, relationships, and a couple who wants to have a baby then this is the book...

Cara Byrne

I have read quite a few Danielle Steel books and this isn't one of her better ones. She must've been having a bad moment or something. Nothing exciting happens. Not as emotional as some of her other work. Not much of a plot - rather boring. The end is so predictable too.She seemed to repeat herself a few times as if she was trying to fill out some pages! Only took me a couple of days to read it as it wasn't taxing on the brain at all and less than 300 pages with big writing. Would have done better as a magazine article I think!

Kellee Skipper

Enjoyed it but it didn't seem very realistic

Lizzy B

well, first Steele book I've read, and admittedly not quite what I expected. More about friendships, interpersonal connections and coping with the problems life throws at us. Less about romance, and so on, though maybe my expectations were very missed judged.I found it really hard to start reading as it probably took me a good half the book to grasp the characters, remember their names, and whom was partnered with whom. However, by the end I was a lot more involved, and bits of the story (not just the obvious) did have me in tears.Overall I found it slow starting, but relatively light. Some of the descriptions near the start felt like they tried to hard. Considering this it was surprisingly deep on understanding how we are different and how we relate. So despite the negatives, and my feeling the book was only mediocre, I will give Steele another go.

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