Survivors (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #4)

ISBN: 0671742906
ISBN 13: 9780671742904
By: Jean Lorrah

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About this book

Treva is an isolated human colony on the fringes of known space on the verge of becoming a true interstellar community, a full fledged menber of the Federation. But now the U.S.S. Enterprise has received a distress signal for Treva is in the throes of a violent revolution, a revolution led by a merciless warlord who has committed countless atrocities in the name of freedom. Data and Lt. Tasha Yar are dispatched to investigate. Once they reach Treva, they discover the truth, and any possible solution may be far more complex than a simple rebellion. Treva's president wants more then Starfleet's good words in her fight against the rebels, she wants their weapons technology.

Reader's Thoughts

Carolyn Snow

** spoiler alert ** I loved this book because it finally, FINALLY fleshed out the character of Tasha Yar, who was very non-descript and unexplained in the TV series. I loved getting to know who Tasha was, and the powerful story behind how she became the woman that she did. And I'm not usually a romantic sort of person, but the Adin/Yar story pulled me in from the start right to the finish. I will agree with the comments, however, that said that Data was too emotional. On the show he ENDLESSLY said that he could not feel x emotion, and Troi also said that she could not read him at all, because he did not have feelings. To put feelings into what Data was at this time was a huge mistake on the part of the author.

Daniel Kukwa

For anyone who thought that Tasha Yar was a first season TNG cipher needs to read this novel, which sheds new light on the character...and shows the potential that could have been tapped. Some of her background details are slightly set aside by future TV episodes...but in general, "Survivors" remains very compatible with what we get on TV...and a very emotional, dramatic read.

Daniel Shaw-cosman

Decent. A very interesting history/back story for Tasha Yar. Interesting enough to keep me engaged.

Athena Braun

This book fills you in on the backstory of Tasha Yar. How rough was her life before? How did she get rescued? All these questions and more are answered. I really didn't like this character before reading this book. There just wasn't enough information about her. I'll admit though I still got teary eyed hearing her farewell message and Data's confusion to Capt. Picard. It also fills you in a little bit about what happened after Tasha and Data's tryst. All of this and there's a second story. Data and Tasha have benn sent to investigate a distress call on Treva. They soon figure out things are not what they seem. Tasha is reunited with a old flame. We see that Data really does have feelings for Tasha. I liked this it showed him more human than machine. It ends with Tasha's death in Skin of Evil. As a finishing touch Data asks Cpt. Picard to let him deliver Tasha's last farewell message to Darryl Adin(Her rescuer, her old friend, lover and supposedly betrayer) All in all I think this book is the best in the series so far.

Martijn Hartman-maatman

The whole Tasha story deserved a better ending, but this was not it. Aiding rebels? Going against everything they believe in and still do it? Not one of the best stories for sure.


I did learn about Tasha's past, but it seemed boring and a somewhat unrelated to the story line. Also even though it was mentioned that Data doesn't have feelings; it seemed like he did have feelings during several points in the book. If you are a fan of the series skip this book.


RubbishFan fiction at its worst

Mikael Kuoppala

A nice try at illuminating Tasha Yar's character, but the overall feel of the prose is somehow quite amateurish.


By far the best of these early STTNG novels to date. It was interesting to get the back story on the short lived character of Tasha. This book had a nice flow between past and present. The duo of Tasha and Data that were featured in the book worked well together and I think the author got the tone of the characters faithful to their development in the TV series at this point in time. Well worth the read by an STTNG fans.


A Tasha Yar story! The novel goes into great detail on Tasha Yar's background which the television show discussed on occasion (the infamous rape gangs on her planet). We also learn how Tasha was saved by Starfleet. The plot was pretty good and I consider this a must read for all TNG fans.

Sean Randall

** spoiler alert ** Thrilling, superb, utterly charming."It is the price we pay for being survivors." Data.yar never really got a great deal of onscreen development, yet despite this fact, Jean Lorra has taken every nugget, every morsel, every nuance and development of those nuances and made Tasha yar into a fully-flushed, Human character."That is the greatest danger in confronting evil: it is contagious. I have no doubt I did what was necessary. Why I did it I will probably question for the rest of my life." Jean-Luc Picard.But not only did Lorra give Tasha Humanity, depth, thoughts and feelings and cares and everything else that turns someone we read about into someone we feel for - not only this, but the backstory which was so rarely hinted at onscreen has become something so much more..."But the day the rape gang found the girl, just two days after the old woman's death, the knife did her little good." Page 14.Even by the fourteenth page, this girl has our sympathies. By page 248, I wanted to cry as much as anyone else."'Gone?' Picard asked as if he still could not believe it, forcing Dr. Crusher to explain further, her voice tight with unshed tears." A simple line - even the description of the demise is simple. yet anyone having seen the show will agree with Guinan's assessment, made in the episode Yesterday's enterprise: "It was an empty death. A death without purpose.""To lose his freedom would be far worse than death to such a man." Rikan, about Adin.As empty as the death may have appeared, as sad as the episode where she died still was, watching it didn't really hit me; not terribly. not the way the death of a regular should at least. But absorbing this novel, really seeing who Tasha could have been and how she might have felt and thought and loved and lost then loved again, really makes the loss of such a profoundly emotional character that more painful."As her fiance fell, Yar felt something inside turn to ice. She rose to her knees, took aim at the one who had shot Dare, and drilled him through the forehead. And she kept shooting until that phaser was discharged, and she was the last of the bridge crew taken, backhanded by the Orion who finally captured her. She struck the wall, and blessed oblivion overcame her."Jean Lorra pulls the heartstrings in every way imaginable - by Giving Tasha a history to make anyone sad, proud, hopeful and disgusted in equal measure. By making her such a real presence, a driving force, yet a vulnerable, caring person. By making her later love life such a tormented affair, and by then handing her the biggest conflict of all - to love, to friendship, to duty, to belief.I haven't even started on Data's development in this book - but I don't need to. i couldn't do it justice, more than the author has done herself. All I can do is to announce my overwhelming feelings, my enjoyment of a fine work of art and my hope that if anyone is in need of a good read and a powerful story they remember this review.


In honor of the 25th anniversary, of what would be my all time favorite show if it were not for The X-Files, Star Trek the Next Generation is coming to Blu-Ray totally redone. Having read most of the novels over two decades ago,  I thought that I would write my general feel for the serial STNG novels. I could never do a real review now, other than to say that I loved them.Star Trek the Next Generation was both my favorite science fiction series in college, and also my favorite serial novel. I was a major Trekkie during the late 80's and early 90's. I used to read two books a weekend as I rode the bus home from college to see my wife, who then was my girlfriend. The television series made me love Jean Luc but with regards to the books, it was all about number One. Riker was portrayed in a much tougher fashion than on the tv series and he was much more of a star. This was always unfortunate to me, as I was and still am a huge Jonathan Frakes fan. He had many awesome novelized fights that I wish were shown on the tv show.  Riker could go toe to toe with a Klingon. Worf was a bad ass in both formats, and he was so damn cool. Troi, was also another favorite of mine in both formats, as her relationship with Riker really gave us emotions to love. As for Jean Luc, he to me, is the epitome of a Starship Captain, where as James T. is the most charismatic and probably best leader for first contact. I had a blast reading these books and would love to go back for more.


Himmelhochjauchzend zu Tode betrübtDieses Buch zu beurteilen ist eine sehr ambivalente Sache. Besonders hervorzuheben ist z.B. dass es eine sehr interessante Darstellung von Tasha Yars Vergangenheit gibt, die sich sonst nirgendwo findet. Aus der Serie kennt man, dass Tashas Kindheit und Jugend nicht besonders rosig war, aber diese Darstellung geht weit darüber hinaus und ist auch sehr gut gelungen.Dafür erlaubt sich Jean Lorrah einen Fault Pas sondergleichen im Aufbau des Plots. Zunächst wird eine Sequenz erzählt die dann mit einer zweiten Sequenz vereinigt wird. Anschließend daran wird der Erzählstrang der zweiten Erzählsequenz vor dieser Vereinigung der Handlungsstränge wieder aufgenommen ohne dies als Rückblick zu zeigen. Während des Lesens verliert man dadurch die zeitliche Einordnung. Man hat den Eindruck als ob die Seiten falsch geheftet wären.Die Darstellung der Figuren ist nicht sonderlich gut gelungen aber angesichts der Tatsache, dass dieser Roman bereits während der ersten Staffel geschrieben wurde, kann man dies natürlich entschuldigen. Ein fahler Beigeschmack bleibt aber dennoch. Die Story dafür entspricht absolut dem, was man sich von einem spannenden Star Trek Roman erwarten kann. Tasha und Data werden auf einer Außenmission zu einem Planten geschickt, der die Aufnahme in die Föderation beantragt hat. Dort angekommen entdecken sie, dass nicht alles so ist, wie es bisher von offizieller Seite gegenüber der Föderation dargestellt wurde. Beide werden von Rebellen gefangen genommen und Tasha trifft wieder auf ihre große Liebe aus der Vergangenheit - einen aus Starfleet wegen Verrats und Mordes ausgeschlossenen Offizier.Würde das Buch nun nach 95% enden, so hätte es sich tatsächlich vier Sterne verdient (um den einen Stern Abzug für den Plot führt kein Weg vorbei). Doch nun kommt die nächste Katastrophe. Auf einigen wenigen Seiten wird - völlig aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen - das Ende von Tasha Yar erzählt. Man möchte fast meinen Jean Lorrah hat den Scriptentwurf für die Fernsehfolge unwesentlich um Dialoge ergänzt abgeschrieben. Ein grausames Ende für dieses Buch.


The writing of this book is painfully awkward and repetitive. When two female characters are introduce one is described as "neither pretty nor beautiful" while the other is first "stunning" and then suddenly "not beautiful, hardly even pretty." I don't know how this woman has published books.The ending is worthwhile...almost. The last chapter has Data reflecting on Yar's death. It is fairly well written. And then the author ruins it with some totally inappropriate and out-of-character line from Picard. Like one big final smug "fuck you" to the audience.

Fredward Alexandru

I did not finish this book. I got about 2/3 of the way through before I had enough. The plot, in theory, is a pretty solid idea, but the execution didn't work for me. It was also more graphic than I expected, which wasn't a bad thing at all but it was a surprise for something out of the Trek universe. It is a must-read for fans of Tasha Yar.

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