Sweet Forever

ISBN: 1558176047
ISBN 13: 9781558176041
By: Becky Lee Weyrich

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About this book

Julianna Doran caught her first soul searing glimpse of sea captain Brom Vanderzee when she was a girl of fifteen playing with a Quija board. He was a vision who would haunt her dreams for years. Julianna knew the days of pirate ships were over, but where else would she find a man so enticingly handsome, so boldly dangerous, so . . . forbidden?The years pass for Julianna. About to be wed, she grabs her last chance to understand the wild yearning of her heart. Returning to the haunted Hudson River mansion where she first encountered her dashing sea captain, Julianna is rewarded by one exquisitely beautiful and undeniably real night of passion with Brom Vanderzee. But the scoundrel disappears afterwards without a trace! Julianna must find him, if only to feel once again the heat of his demanding lips on hers --- and she crosses the boundaries of her world to join him in his, becoming this pirate's woman in the whirlwind of magic and adventure of a love strong enough to last for all time!

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