Taking Chances

ISBN: 0099491044
ISBN 13: 9780099491040
By: Susan Lewis

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About this book

When journalist Rachel Carmedi is kidnapped and murdered by a Colombian drug cartel, her lover and partner Tom Chambers, racked by guilt, vows to avenge her death. Ellen Shelby and Michael McCann want to turn Rachel's story into their first Hollywood movie. Chambers agrees to track down the killers. But his need for vengeance soon overrides their desires. In London, high-flyer Sandy Paul, helping to raise finance for the film, still harbors a fierce passion for Michael, and aims to remove Ellen from his life. Love, lust, jealousy, and ambition take the stage with high finance, power, and mortal danger. Torn loyalties, male pride, and female desires turn the movie into a terrifying trap of death threats and destruction.

Reader's Thoughts


Couldn't get into it at all.

Emma Long

Another fantastic Susan Lewis book.


It was ok. Didn't grip me at the start but 300 pages in I started to enjoy it! A good storyline and not too predictable


An amazing thriller.....Shows you the side of human trafficking and plight of street children we never get to see

Amanda Fair

After all the reviews I was start reading with some subjectivity. Must say that the story line was not as boring or detached as expected. Enjoyable read, few twists, happy ending- ingredients for holiday reading.

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