ISBN: 3887690966
ISBN 13: 9783887690960
By: Yōko Tawada

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Reader's Thoughts


Well. I met Yoko Tawada's work at the first or second week of university- I just began the German Studies BA major at the university of Pécs, and was still getting used to everything being taught in German instead of my mother tongue, Hungarian. A teacher (later I would find out she was one of the few people who wrote essays on Yoko Tawada in Hungary) showed us the short writing "Von der Muttersprache zur Sprachmutter" (From mother language to language mother) and I quite liked it. I enjoyed the change of perspective it gave. Cut to two years later, and I would be writing my BA thesis about one of Tawada's writings ("Eigentlich darf man es niemandem sagen, aber Europa gibt es nicht"- Actually, don't tell anyone, but there is no Europe) by another teacher. I was, for the months that it took for me to finish it, in day-to-day contact with Tawada's work, and I loved it. I loved her fresh attitude about things even as simple as letters or language learning. I hope I can read much more from her in the future, though libraries here don't seem keen on having her books.

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