Tall Cool One (A-List, #4)

ISBN: 0316735086
ISBN 13: 9780316735087
By: Zoey Dean

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About this book

Tall Cool One is the fourth novel in this witty and risqu series that takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati. New York blueblood Anna Percy came to L.A. to learn how to have a good time. Now she's surfing Zuma Beach with the industry's hottest young television producer. But duty calls and Anna must jet down to Las Casitas, Mexico, on a secret mission for her uber-powerful businessman father. But it turns out Anna isn't the only one staying at the super-luxury resort with a secret. Soon to be a major motion picture from Universal Pictures, The A-List and its bestselling sequels, Girls on Film, Blonde Ambition, and Tall Cool One, are full of page-turning action about the fast times of Beverly Hills' most beautiful and glamorous people.

Reader's Thoughts


Too much label-dropping, IMHO.


Sometimes funny, sometimes boring. It's teen chick lit. Nothing more. Just for fun.


this book receives a four star rating mostly for the fact that its the first one in the series with no noticeable screw ups. no really its not that exceptional im still wondering why i liked this series and why i feel compelled to finish it but it was just nice to see someone finally editing. I liked seeing sam finally find a guy who'll hopefully take care of some of her body image issues because im sick of the poor little rich girl routine. it was fun watching anna unwind while high. other than that it was pretty much the same as all the other books. cammie's a bitch dee is just weird and anna has even more guys falling at her feet without even trying


it was ok. this is the 4th book in the A-list series and it has taken me these four books to realize just how superficial this series is. its just annoying now and there "problems" are soo stupid in the first half of the book. It's not until they get to the resort that its starts dealing with more relatable issues.idk if i'm gonna read the next books...


Sometimes I feel bad for these characters a nd sometimes I don't. It really all depends on the situation. All in all it was a pretty decent book except the author never said who's mansion Sam and Anna slept in. I guess it's a mystery:-P

Patty Lazatin

10/50 I say yes to Las Casitas and Eduardo, too. Good job, Sam #2013books

Julia Maggiacomo

It’s been six weeks since Anna Percy left New York to live with her father and become one of Beverly Hills’ elite teens. In that time, she’s been emotionally entangled with two boys, made friends and enemies. Zoey Dean chronicled these events in three previous parts of The A-List series. Tall Cool One is the fourth installment in the best-selling set. Fans will appreciate that the story picks up right where Blonde Ambition left off. Anna has a bad case of Ben on the Brain. Not helping matters is the sight of her previous crush Adam hitting it off with self-centered Cammie. Anna makes a spontaneous escape from all that troubles her. Sam can’t bear to share a house with her famous father and pregnant, 21-year-old stepmother. Bizarre preparations for the impending birth drive Sam to flee reality as well. While Anna and Sam rest at an exclusive resort, shallow Cammie experiences true feelings of love for the first time. However, insecurities and lies jeopardize her relationship with Adam. I enjoyed this book for multiple reasons. One reason I enjoyed reading this book was because it keeps the reader at the edge of their seats. Since this book is telling stories of four different people, the drama and shocking findings are endless. I also enjoyed the glitz, glamour, and rich aspect the book took place in. Every chapter as about the life of elite teenagers, which every-day teenagers dreams about. I also loved how the story was almost narrated by a teen which made the book easy to comprehend and follow. Tall Cool One was also a fun virtual vacation to Las Casitas alone. Reading about the amenities of that resort is delicious. The fantasy plot keeps the momentum of this series going. I would strongly recommend this book to a friend to read. I would in particular recommend this to teenagers and not adults. Although adults might enjoy reading about the glamorous life this book is centered on everyday teenage girl gossip. The Tall Cool One is also better suited for teenagers because of the vocab used in this book. Over all I think it is a good read for anyone willing to read it.

Charmaine Tapia rn

When things start to be stressful, you got to get away for a while. A good read for the young ones who wish to have an escapade they won't forget :)

Trisha W.

his book started out slow for the first chapter, then it picked back up again, then it went down hill again. There were many times I was going to close the book and be done with it, but I ended up finishing it. This is the fourth book in the A-list series. I was told that you didn't need to read them in order and the way the book was written I believe that.A problem I had with the book was the celebrities popping up all over. I know this is an A-list book directed towards celeb city but just the way the celebrities are mentioned in the book really annoyed me and it took me a couple of pages to get back into the book. For example, Sam's young step-mother is pregnant and she wants to name the baby Ruby Hummingbird. Then down the page it says; "Sam found the name very affected but knew the kid would fit in fine in a town where girls were named Rumer, Coco, and Apple." This just annoyed me for some reason. The way the book is written you know that the girls have money but you don't see them as these high society people who hang out with the celebrities. So when a Celeb name is mentioned you think, Where did they come from?The book did pick up towards the middle/end when it was just Anna and Sam and it got funny. I wish the rest of the book would have been written funny like the end. But it is like the author got funny in the middle/ end of the book and no where else. I also wish at the end the guy would have been for Anna and not Sam because Anna's relationship was left hanging at the end.


Does the last name Birnbaum bother anybody else? I swear the first time I saw it I thought it said Burnbon.

Sharon Shenderovskiy

I really liked this book. I am enjoying the a- list series. I think that in the 5th book, Anna and Ben are gonna be together. I also liked how Cammie became a whole different person because of Adam.

Nicole O

Anna is still player.. But whatever....I am so weird that I liked this series when I was young but I was never finish with it by last two books! -_- Have to finish this series then I can move on!

Plainfield Public Library District

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Jessica Haren

this is the fourth book in the series. its a very good book


Anna needs a time-out from all her boys, and Sam's hunting for a good one to love. So together they make a getaway to Las Casitas, Mexico, the super luxury spa where Angelenos go to get more sun. They spend the week waterskiing, scuba diving, saloning, and yes, smooching with boys.Then a crazy lunch leads to Anna and Sam heading to a bar and they get drunk and stumble into the desert. After regaining their senses, they realize they have gotten rid of their watches and phones and they notice a huge storm brewing. They encounter a deserted mansion and fall asleep. They are awoken by guards and eventually Jackson Sharpe, along with Cammie and Dee, flies in and saves them.I can connect to Anna and Sam because sometimes I feel like I just want to get away and go somewhere that no one will bother you. I just wish I were them and SUPER rich so I could do that!I gave this book 5 stars because it kept me hooked throughout the whole book!

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