Tartuffe and Other Plays

ISBN: 0451530330
ISBN 13: 9780451530332
By: Molière Virginia Scott Donald M. Frame

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About this book

Seven plays by the genius of French theater. Including The Ridiculous Precieuses, The School for Husbands, The School for Wives, Don Juan, The Versailles Impromptu, and The Critique of the School for Wives, this collection showcases the talent of perhaps the greatest and best-loved French playwright.

Reader's Thoughts


"Tartuffe" was never my favorite Moliere but it never fails to deliver once placed on a stage.

Allison Zink

A nice collection of comedic plays--very fun reads!


very funny!!! lol


Monologue searching!!


School for Husbands/Wives, critique, and a few others. He's quite a wit, and I like the trick of working dialogue into rhymed couplets.

Ann Lipscomb

fabulous...incredibly funnt play. Who knew high art could be so hilarious.

Halley Sutton

Translation was so focused on rhyming that I think the author might have lost the forest for the trees.


Moliere enjoys playing with his words and using metaphors to find humor in his plays.


I only read Tartuffe here. It was not compelling enough to overcome my distaste for plays in rhyming verse. I loved Moliere waywayway back in the day. Perhaps I read an unrhymed translation? Whatever. School for Wives pwns Tartuffe.


I found Moliere's name on a list of greatest playwrights at #10 and just decided to plunge in. I was immediately hooked on his style. Perhaps my favorite still is the The School for Wives, Criticized. I just loved the cheek of him writing a play in which several ordinary people discuss the pros and cons of his greatest play to that point as a way of answering the bonehead critics who completely missed the point of it entirely. A very modern and inventive approach in my opinion, and deliciously funny. Tartuffe, of course, is brilliant as is the Misanthrope and The Clever Women. This led me another book of his lesser known prose plays which I also thoroughly enjoyed. I wish his plays were performed more because I would jump at the chance to see one.


So apparently the books in this collection are included because of their historical significance, not because they're mindblowingly hilarious today. I could tell. I suppose it's good for me to have read them, but I didn't find them terribly entertaining.

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