Taunton’s Home Storage Idea Book

ISBN: 1561586765
ISBN 13: 9781561586769
By: Joanne Kellar Bouknight Stephanie Ramp Christine Erikson

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About this book

The newest addition to the enormously successful Taunton's Idea Book Series, this book provides hundreds of ideas for creating effective and attractive storage spaces throughout the home. Taunton's Home Storage Idea Book bridges the gap between ordinary how-to books and coffee table books with practical, proven design solutions, detailed drawings and inspiring color photography. There isn't a house out there that couldn't do with a little more storage space. This book shows you all the options.-- Over 400 color photographs in Taunton's proven Idea Book format-- Room-by-room approach to making the most of your storage space-- Breadth of ideas will appeal to a broad range of styles and needs

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