Teach Yourself Hindi Dictionary

ISBN: 0071435034
ISBN 13: 0639785386612
By: Rupert Snell

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Reader's Thoughts

Claire S

Am currently using this to learn Hindi, slowly but surely. Am actually creating my own dictionary - first was hand written, but now have started using Baraha to do it on the computer. Very time intensive! But I want to have a dictionary that includes word origins and word usages, just like a high-end english dictionary. And the process of creating it is of course a useful learning process. Just wish I could have more lifetimes to live, one is too restrictive!Anyway, this one is pretty good I guess (don't really know enough to judge), their use of transliteration is inconsistent, which is among the reasons I'm creating my own.


a great light learning dictionary. not as complete as the Oxfords, but has both Hindi to English and English to Hindi, along with helpful annotations and basic grammar at the beginning.

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