Technical Analysis of the Future’s Markets

ISBN: 013898008X
ISBN 13: 9780138980085
By: John J. Murphy

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Reader's Thoughts


For being the "bible" of technical analysis, I was a bit surprised and disappointed how basic it was, not super basic, but there wasn't much new or more depth that I hadn't already gathered from other sources.


I was looking for a book that would give me a solid foundation in technical analysis and after having read it I now understand why it is a classic. Murphy explains in depth charting, trends, patterns, and indicators. This is to be expected in a tome on technical analysis but what set this book apart for me were the sections on money management, trading tactics, and intermarket relationships.


This is a very good overview of basic technical analysis. It's 15 years old so some of the computer stuff is out of date but the analysis part is fairly timeless.Murphy is, remarkably for the subject, not too dry and does a good job of explaining things. Where the book falls short (and where most books like this do in my opinion, is that it cherry picks its examples and doesn't show much of the cases where the analysis fails or where it can be misapplied.Even so, worth reading.


Not as many pictures as I was lead to believe, but fascinating nonetheless.


Read through p375


Some techs may be outdated, but may be a good guide for the statistical forecast.

Rahul Agarwal

A great start for anyone with an interest in Technical analysis aspect of stock markets. The book helps one in building foundation in charts and patterns with some advanced concepts.


Fine if you enjoy reading complicated encyclopedias. I keep it around for reference but after having read it multiple times for some exams I don't use it much. The material becomes common sense if you are active in charting financial markets such as equities, derivatives etc. Hardly the "key" to making money of course. Much better than Pring and McGee's works.


A classic of Technical Analysis. The basic concepts are timeless, so if you want to learn the basics of TA, this book will help you get some general knowdlege of the subject.Some indicator/oscilators proposed,money management and actual trading tips are sometimes outdated, but you can get the general concept here and start working your way up.A great rookie book, with all the basics you need to cover. Mind you, this book should be only used as an introduction to TA and trading, and you should by all means, look for more material of each of the subjects presented in this book. You will find countless books that will help you. Use this book as a basic starting point.

Jonas Helbert

Great read.

Ahmed Zaki


David Robins

Almost complete overlap with Technical Analysis (Kirkpatrick, Dahlquist) (but lacks their statistical rigor).


Great book on technical analysis.

Kardaya Rooprai

Great content that provides the basic foundations of technical analysis of the financial markets and a good grounding for those who are new to technical analysis. The book is written well and keeps the information simple.The book is one of the core readings for the STA diploma qualification.

Sadegh Moayya

it was a good book specialy for bigginers. the first chapters was much better than the ocilator part wich has nothing to say.

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