Technical Analysis of the Future’s Markets

ISBN: 013898008X
ISBN 13: 9780138980085
By: John J. Murphy

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Reader's Thoughts

Jonas Helbert

Great read.

Kardaya Rooprai

Great content that provides the basic foundations of technical analysis of the financial markets and a good grounding for those who are new to technical analysis. The book is written well and keeps the information simple.The book is one of the core readings for the STA diploma qualification.

Neven Zubak

This book should be the bible for traders who are just getting there feet wet and then used as a reference later.

Ron Davis

This is a solid introduction to technical analysis. Jack Schwager and Martin Pring have written good basic TA books that I have also read. The grandfather of all is Edwards and Magee, a new edition of which has been edited by WHC Bassetti. Edwards and Magee should be read in addition to one of the three authors above -- OR -- a more recent book (that I haven't read) by the notable duo, Kirkpatrick & Dahlquist.


Fine if you enjoy reading complicated encyclopedias. I keep it around for reference but after having read it multiple times for some exams I don't use it much. The material becomes common sense if you are active in charting financial markets such as equities, derivatives etc. Hardly the "key" to making money of course. Much better than Pring and McGee's works.

se lee

금융시장의 기술적 분석 - 국일 증권 시리즈 20

David Robins

Almost complete overlap with Technical Analysis (Kirkpatrick, Dahlquist) (but lacks their statistical rigor).

Alvin Lim

This outstanding reference has already taught thousands of traders the concepts of technical analysis and their application in the futures and stock markets. Covering the latest developments in computer technology, technical tools, and indicators, the second edition features new material on candlestick charting, intermarket relationships, stocks and stock rotation, plus st

Ahmed Zaki



i read this book when i was preparing to take the CTA exam. great book and definitely the best reference when it comes to technical analysis.


Some techs may be outdated, but may be a good guide for the statistical forecast.


Great book on technical analysis.

Sadegh Moayya

it was a good book specialy for bigginers. the first chapters was much better than the ocilator part wich has nothing to say.


A classic of Technical Analysis. The basic concepts are timeless, so if you want to learn the basics of TA, this book will help you get some general knowdlege of the subject.Some indicator/oscilators proposed,money management and actual trading tips are sometimes outdated, but you can get the general concept here and start working your way up.A great rookie book, with all the basics you need to cover. Mind you, this book should be only used as an introduction to TA and trading, and you should by all means, look for more material of each of the subjects presented in this book. You will find countless books that will help you. Use this book as a basic starting point.


This was self-imposed work-related reading. This is the Bible of Technical Analysis. John Murphy is Da Man. Technical Analysis sounds fancy but it's really very little science and statistics and quite a bit of art and intuition. Murpny is widely cited and acknowledged by lecturers. The best thing one might say about this book is that despite its massive size (nearly 600 pages) it is not laden with heavy scientific terminology. He manages to provide basic explanations of key technical tools. It reads fast since most of the pages are filled with charts and examples. This book is meant to be read and then put aside as a reference. If your work involves technical analysis you will likely be thumbing through this book frequently to reacquaint your self with many of the concepts.

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