Ten Bright Eyes

ISBN: 1561451738
ISBN 13: 9781561451739
By: Judy Hindley

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About this book

Rhythmic verse helps young readers identify colors, shapes and patterns of creatures encountered on a journey with Mother Bird as she combs the countryside in search of food for his hatchlings. Gatefolds on each page reveal additional country critters and allow readers to play an active role in Mother Bird's morning hunt. Full color.

Reader's Thoughts

Jazzmarie Vedrine

This book was very much poetic in telling a story about a mother bird finding food out in the country-side for her newly hatched, young birds. In her journey, the story unfolds to tell stories of other animals looking for food too. The illustration is creative and the soft watercolors warms the reader into reading more. Each page counts and introduces a new creature, and there is a folded flap with more of the story to share. This books is so creatively put together that you could easily miss mother bird in flight or amongst the animals on each page. CREATIVE EXPERIENCES:This book could be used in a variety of ways. It is first a counting book, along with learning about animals, insects and bugs found in a forest. But I would use it to point out some of the patterns found in the illustrations of each page. If my lesson was on shapes and patterns, this book would help in reinforcing this lesson by allowing 2 to 4 years old, in finding shapes and patterns such as, circles, spirals, curvy lines, crisscrossed lines, stripes, spots, in the story or found on the creatures or insects.

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