Ten Percent Marriage

ISBN: 1599261197
ISBN 13: 9781599261195
By: Robert Henry Wright Jr.

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About this book

Emily has been living in a cabin beside Lake Pend d'Oreille in northern Idaho for the past thirty years. She had exiled herself there at age seventeen, to escape the horror of a sadistic sexual assault that had left her with an illegitimate child and a shattered life before that life could begin. Harvey, having been presented with an early retirement package and shown to the door, considers himself to be one of God's chosen losers, as he had lost at everything he had wanted to win. Aimless and defeated, he goes to see a piece of land he had won in a bouri game years before; the land is located beside Lake Pend d'Oreille in northern Idaho. Ten Percent Marriage is the second book of the Sandpoint Trilogy by the author.

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