ISBN: 3822822558
ISBN 13: 9783822822555
By: Terry Richardson Dian Hanson

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About this book

Edgy and intriguing, this collection is compiled by fashion photographer Terry Richardson who has also photographed porn stars, transsexuals, hillbillies, friends, pets, and celebrities, as well as himself. His work projects a world where taboos are null and void, and fashion finds sex a perfect fit. 3-8228-2255-8$59.99 / Taschen America LLC

Reader's Thoughts


This book is an excellent addition to the shelves of any lover of pop art and indie fashion. packed with cheeky and funny photos, it is always inspirational to flick through.


too many cumshots, not enough pictures with Jesus-Vincent Gallo in them!

Andrew Muckle

Rated on behalf of Steve.

Max Brallier

It's definitely not for everyone - but I find his work fascinating.

Paul Heneghan

Not bad i guess , mi tinks


Nasty yet compelling.


His nickname is T-Bone and he takes pictures. Nothing I say in this review can prepare you for what lies inside any better than that.


Terry Richardson is a great photographer, but man there are way too many pictures of his cock and balls.

Louise Cochrane

Say what you will about his photography skills or choice of subjects, he's obviously doing something right.Some might argue that his photos are disgusting and obscene, and while I'm not necessary arguing against that viewpoint, I actually feel that many of his photos of women are empowering. The women are not victims, they are not forced into having their photo taken; it's almost as if Richardson gives them the freedom and confidence to let loose, to be imperfect and yet completely beautiful.Yes, there are probably way too many photos of his balls, but there's plenty of other stuff to offend you as well.


Not sexy, and much of the humor in this collection of Terry Richardson's photos is adolescent.


Terry Richardson is a true American. And he has a giganto schlong.

Everett Pantaloons

Terry Richardson captures sex in all its forms. From young to old, from male to female to transsexual, from hetero to homo, from black to white, from unknown to celebrity, from arousing to repulsive, from violent to humorous, from beautiful to ragged, from revved up to worn out, from objectifying to personalizing, from kissing to fucking, from nudist to crossdresser, from rib cage to fat rolls, from masturbation to gang bang, from man to beast; the lens of Terry Richardson do not discriminate. At the same time blurring the differences between these very things. Can beauty be ragged, or the ragged be beautiful? Can arousal repulse, or repulsion arouse? Humor be violent, violence be humorous? The answer of course is yes, and these collected photos do well to exemplify that.Plus, Sasha Grey and Janelle Fishman are in it, in what is for both of them some of their finest work.


sick book just like Terry! IN LOVE FOREVER with this man. if you don't like porn don't buy it.

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