The Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen

ISBN: 0618311092
ISBN 13: 9780618311095
By: Beth Wagner Brust Hans Christian Andersen

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About this book

Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish storyteller whose fairy tales are known all over the world, was also a gifted artist. He made hundreds, perhaps thousands, of paper cuttings of swans, clowns, toy theaters, windmills, angels, and other whimsical images. Often he made the paper cuttings while telling a story, then gave them to the children listening to him. In this inspired biography, Beth Wagner Brust tells the story of Andersen as an artist who used his many talents to escape the poverty into which he was born and who entertained others with not only his famous stories but also his innovative and original art.

Reader's Thoughts


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Barb Bailey

Young adult, easy reader. Informative with delightful paper cuttings.


I never knew that Hans Christian Andersen was a paper cutting artist. I thought this book would be interpretations of his fairy tales by other artists. He lived in a simpler time when people made their own entertainments and this was a popular pastime.


Summary: The life of story teller and artist Hans Christian Anderson described, from birth to death, with special focus on his development as and artist and his creation of intricate paper cuttings.Review: Personal in detail, yet very objective and grounded in research, this is a great biography. Those who have only every known Anderson as a story teller will be amazed at the intricate paper cuttings he created that were prized by his friends and acquaintances. Horn book says it well in their review, "The text is thoughtful, informative, and well written, and the reader will want to pore over the black-and-white photographs of these small works that give insight into the mind of a great writer." Positive SLJ review as well, "An unusual book that combines biography and creativity".


I'm that kind of nerd.The kind that owns all of HCA's writings and has read most of them (as fucked up as they are).And now, I'm going to take note of the themes in his insane paper-cuttings and compare him to the themes of his stories.For fun.Why am I single? I do not know.Alright, just flipped through it....This is some freaky shit.I nub it.

TheRLPL Rice Lake Public Library

Patron ReviewThis was an interesting book about a little-known talent of the author Hans Christian Andersen. It told facts about his life and showed many of his beautiful, elaborate paper-cuttings.

Susan Rose

First off if you look at this book as a collection of images of the paper cuttings that Andersen created it works well as a picture book or coffee table book. However if you are looking for in depth additional information you have the wrong book. All in all I was looking for an introduction into the life of Hans Christian Andersen with some biographical information with pictures of his artwork, this book achieved that. However I think even for a children’s book I would have liked more details, at least more than 80 pages worth (some of those taken up by full page photographs).The book is written more like a fairy tale than a non fiction factual book which makes it a very easy read and I’m sure would make it great to read to a child.There are good quotes in the book for example on the subject of Hans Christina Andersen’s thoughts on great men:‘He believed he understood how to become one ‘First you go through a terribly hard time, and then you become famous”.As this was a children’s non fiction title I was not expecting a comprehensive biography of Hans Christian Anderson and his artwork but I was expecting more. Rating 3.5/5

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