The American Heritage Dictionary

ISBN: 0440237017
ISBN 13: 9780440237013
By: Houghton Mifflin Company

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About this book

* Over 70,000 entries* Thoroughly revised and updated* 1,000 new words and meanings* Over 400 photographs and illustrations* Expert guidance on correct usageBased on the bestselling American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth EditionAmerican Heritage® dictionaries are widely known as the most innovative and informative dictionaries in today's market. This all-new fourth edition of the best-selling classic continues that tradition with its clear and precise definitions, its expert usage guidance, and its wealth of illustrations. Newly updated to reflect our changing language, this revised edition is the most up-to-date and authoritative dictionary available today.* More than a thousand new entries for such terms as e-tailer, zine, bioreserve, chatroom, red card, domestic partner * More biographical and geographical entries than any other paperback, thoroughly updated for the new millennium* The most lavishly illustrated dictionary on the market -- with over 400 images* Expert usage guidance based on the American Heritage® Usage Panel* Regional notes from around the country* Hundreds of synonym lists, fascinating etymologies, and much more

Reader's Thoughts


bought this at the Library booksale for one dollar this winter. my Merriam Webster 10th Edition is more or less falling apart & is dire need of rubber cement and packaging tape. although the American Hertiage Dictionary will never replace the enduringly love i have for the Merriam Webster 10th Edition nor supplant my piquant lust to one day own an OED, it has already become my go-to dictionary for quickly looking up words i do not know or cannot spell. Gooegle & Wikipedia will always fall short. If you find this dictionary somewhere cheap do not pass up on it.


Love the pix


got etymology?


What can I say? It has a lot of words and greatly expanded my vocabulary... It's a dictionary and there's not much more to it. Would fully recommend reading it.


Pretty Good. More info than other ones


I love this little bible of language.


423 Ame

Marnie S. Angulo Delgado, B.A., CMI

This resource forms part of my Interpreter/Translator library.


I grew up using an earlier edition of this dictionary (the same volume my mother took to college with her, in fact), so when I needed a handy compact word-book for quick reference at my desk, this was an easy choice. Scattered throughout are various tables and illustrations that are very helpful, and I really like the inclusion of historical personages; nothing to help you write a report, but if I need a quick pair of life dates, this is a great first place to look. And the words are clearly syllabicated, which is what drove me to need a desk dictionary in the first place. A high-quality reference, and one no desk in America should be without.


Lots of good words in this one. Seriously: this book is well designed and easy to use.

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