The Angel of Death (Forensic Mysteries, #2)

ISBN: 0670060550
ISBN 13: 9780670060559
By: Alane Ferguson

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As assistant to her father, the county coroner of Silverton, Colorado, Cameryn Mahoney has seen more gore than the average seventeen-yearold. But even Cameryn is shocked when Kyle O'Neil, the most popular guy in school, discovers the gruesome corpse of their English teacher murdered in his own bed. Kyle is drawn to Cameryn, who wonders if she can trust him with the secret she can't tell her father—that her vanished mother is back in her life. As her relationship with Kyle speeds into romance, Cameryn struggles to unravel her teacher's bizarre death—but is she too preoccupied to identify the killer in time?

Reader's Thoughts


hmm... to talk about this book... what to say.. okay. Cammie is back and this time she is really messed up about her mom and then she finds out that her mom is coming to see and talk to her. At the same time she is trying to solve the murder of one of her teachers Brad Oakes, which seems like the best theory at he was zapped by aliens. At the same time she is having problems with Lyric thanks to her keeping secrets from her Dad and worrying about her mom and what really happened in the past that separated her family. In addition the Murderer might be closer than she thinks. As all this is going on Kyle O'Neil a really popular boy at school and the finder of the body of Mr. Oakes seems to like her and kinda takes control of her life. All in all, i think the book wasn't as good as the first onehe Christopher Killer but then the murderer is supposed to come back so... might get some more action in the following books.

Cassa M.

The Angel of Deathby Alane Fergusonfictionmystery258 pages The Angel of Death is about a girls named Cameryn Mahoney who is assistant to the coroner who is her father. Cameryn is only seventeen and looks at dead bodies almost everyday of her life. One day Cameryn and her dad get a call that a guy has been found dead in his house by a seventeen year old boy named Kyle O'neil who goes to Cameryns school. The dead guy turns out to be Cameryns english teacher Brad Oakes. There is something weird about the way Brad Oakes died. When they found him his face was withered to the bone there was blood dripping from his teeth and the weird part was is that his eye sockets were empty. In the book Cameryn tries to figure out exactly what happened to Mr. Oakes and along the way finds out the truth about Kyle O'neil. I thought the book the Angel of Death was a great book. It was very suspenseful and made me want to keep reading it. Every chapter was exciting and I couldn't put the book down. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery book and is scared of a little blood. Its a great mystery book. This book is a series and i'm reading the next book right now and it is already really good. I think my favorite part of this book was at the end when everything got figured out. This book was very descriptive and had lots of good vocabulary. I think it was easier to understand the book because of the good description of the characters and good description of the scenery. This was probably one of my favorite books and i was really happy when I found out it was a series. I really enjoyed this book and I hope others who love mystery books will too.


** spoiler alert ** Camryn Mahoney is a girl who is an assistant for her father. She is the coroner. She also works at the Grand Hotel. Being a coroner is hard work. She is always running around. Camryn has to find out what happened to people after they died or murdered. A man by the name of Brad Oakes was murdered one day. He was one of Camryn's favorite teachers. No one knew what happened to him. Kyle'O Neil was a suspect though. He was an eagle scout, a student of Mr. Oakes. He had went to go see where Brad was because he wasn't at the scout meeting. So he went to go see him at his house and he was dead. This was an amazing story. If you like mystery stories I would highly recommend this book.

Rachel's Book Reviews

Forensic MysteryBy Alan FergusonBeing a coroner's assistant means that Cameryn has seen more gore than your average seventeen-year-old. But even Cammie is shocked when Kyle O'Neil, the most popular guy in school, discovers the gruesome corpse of their English teacher murdered in his own bed. As Cammie gets involved in the case, she finds herself drawn to Kyle, and considers trusting him with the secret that she can't even tell her father. But when their relationship starts to move toward romance, the struggle to solve the case of her teacher's death intensifies. Will Cameryn be too preoccupied to identify the killer in time?This series is one of the most fantastic books I’ve ever read. The are fantastic mysteries, they seem average at first, but the end made my pulse race and gave me CHILLS. I made this not-so-mistake, I got the third and fourth late one night, I got home and couldn’t sleep so I pick the third up. I finished around 1:30. Oh man. What a whopper of an ending. I sounded like this: “OH MY GOSH!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!” then I couldn’t help but look outside, it was a moonless night, totally dark. I definitely couldn’t sleep after that….what was my solution? To pick up the fourth (I keep forgetting there's only four, it seemed like more!). Okay, so the only problem with this review, is I’ve never read the first in the series. I thought the second was first. So, I’ve never read the beginning of Cammie’s adventures. It seemed like maybe there was something before it, but I never missed a piece of vital information, so if you want to skip the first one too, go ahead. This is a hall of famer, and a DEFINITE READ IN THE DARK….under a moonless night….when you can’t sleep…..(I'll be picking up book one as soon as I can)


Snapshot: Cameryn is in way over her head. She’s the assistant coroner in a small town with a newly discovered deceased English teacher. With the help of her father, her friends, and local law enforcement, she attempts to solve the crime before it is too late. Cammie has always been known to have a level head. But she’s also a teenager. Her recent re-connection with her mother and her crush on a cute high school boy threaten to take her mind off the case and cloud her vision. Will she succeed?“Hook”: 17 year old female assistant coroner? Dead dogs and bodies? Mysterious weapons? Teenage love? This is a teenagers dream novel. The first gruesome scene pulls the young reader and doesn’t spit them back out until the gripping ending. A nailbiter!Challenges: This is a mystery novel. Students must examine evidence and collect clues. There are some gruesome descriptions of autopsies and also some forensic science thrown into the mix. This book is not for passive readers! Students must stay engaged when reading this book. Student in mind: Future law enforcement/crimininal justice career pathers. Cameryn is a very strong female character with a lot of power who is also at heart just a teenager. She’s a great role model for teenagers!Notes: Overview of forensic science. Some of the science related to the cause of the death of the English teacher is complicated. Definitely will need support from the science teacher on this!Level: Middle/High School. Easy.


The next big case for Cameryn Mahoney comes in the most disturbing death anyone has ever seen. When Kyle O’Neil finds the body of beloved teacher Mr. Oakes, everyone is troubled by the way he is killed—the insides of his body seems like he’s been cooked alive, but there isn’t proof. Now that Cameryn’s mother is about to make an appearance in her life, and she’s trying to juggle her fast-paced relationship with Kyle, it’s going to take a lot of effort for her to crack this case. Harsh to say, but if wasn't for the fact that I like forensics, I would have never picked this up. It’s the same choppy writing that just sounds very under-developed. The author doesn’t pay too much to dialogue, because like last time, it’s still awkward and most lines don’t offer that basic flow. Besides the writing, the 2nd mystery doesn’t pull me in. I like the reasoning behind Mr. Oakes death and what’s been done to him, but I still don’t see Kyle’s motive. Much is left unanswered, and not in a good way either. In a mystery, you have to dissect the clues and point out the explanations. When you don’t know who the murderer is, it’s okay to guess, but once you find out, don’t you have to reveal some stuff? Besides, how hard is it to guess that Kyle is behind it all? At one point, Dwayne’s the scapegoat, but that’s hardly enough to draw my attention from the way Kyle wants to attach himself to Cam’s side. It’s just so obvious. And what’s the point of calling this a forensics mystery if it’s not even that heavily focused on the subject? It annoys me that forensics stuff is mentioned in passing almost, only when they examine the body, and that’s like what? Two chapters maximum? The main character wants to be a forensics pathologist—the least the author can do is put more effort into discussing dead bodies and how the subject spikes up Cam’s interest. Of course, it won’t bug me as much if Cam spends the remainder of the time looking for clues, but no, the pages speeds to Cameryn dating Kyle and practically telling the readers in every other chapter that she’s the “assistant to the coroner.” Every single time. Necessary much? Why not just say assistant, why have to stress the word coroner to the point where I’m like, “Jesus Christ. Just shut up already.” Finally, this is something that I absolutely CANNOT get out of my head. It’s like this: the first book leaves the reader wondering what’s going to happen between Cam and her mother Hannah. And then the 2nd book still ends that way. How much can I handle with this pointless storyline dragging anymore? It’s like watching a badly written movie whose hero/heroine has to face all these flaky obstacles that make no sense whatsoever. Only at the last page that Cam finally meets her mother and even then, Hannah doesn’t have any dialogue. I spent my time reading this just so I could go back to square one? I get that the author’s trying to incorporate some teenage issues into the novel but it’s not working at all. I guess I’m not done complaining after all, because I suddenly just remember something else. Just about every character has said that Cam’s changed into someone else but I don’t SEE it. I know I’m not missing anything either. It’s just that the author missed an important lesson in writing school: SHOW, DON’T TELL. Both Justin and Patrick say, “Oh Cam, you’ve changed so much,” but how did it happen? Even the most basic books follow a certain step-by-step outline and that’s what this author needs: to get from Point A to Point B, showing changes either through Cam’s actions and/or dialogue. But then again, her dialogue is so poorly written that I’m not sure it’ll make any difference.


I found this book and simply thought it was a stand alone story, unknowing that it was book two.However when I read it, I didn't understand what was going on, and I felt thoroughly disgusted at points. The autopsy scene was interesting but gross at the same time due to the disrespect given, and how everything was described. The worse was how Cameryn was emotionally dead, she felt flat as a character the entire time, the metaphors didn't make any sense (How did she go from walking in a graveyard to suddenly snowboarding down a hill?) And the cause of death....Was effing ridiculous. I don't want to pick up the Christopher Killer nor any others. Sayonara Camerym Mahoney you ain't Temperance Brennan (Bones) or Naomi Kimishima (Trauma Team) go home your drunk!


I give kudos to Alane Ferguson for her painstaking research that allowed her to describe an autopsy in such a graphic way that I felt I was standing in the room with the main characters. I question the responsibility of putting such graphic material in books geared toward young adult readers. This is the 2nd book in the series. I did not read the first one: The Christopher Killer, so perhaps I was at a disadvantage because of that. The primary plot of the story revolved around main character Cameryn and her long-lost mother who now desired to have a relationship with her after having been gone most of Cameryn's life. Cameryn chose to keep this a secret from her father. I didn't fully understand this, or her very porcupine-like personality. The killer was not much of a surprise to me. The mode of death was just plain creepy and gross. I may or may not read another one of these.


I read this several years ago and am only reviewing it now because I just finished reading and reviewing book #3. In this book #2 17 year-old Cammie, the forensic detective, continues to assist her coroner father. But this case really has Cammie rattled- her favorite teacher has been burned to death in his bed but there are no signs of fire! His body was discovered by Kyle, a classmate of Cammie's. Cammie becomes quite close to Kyle but is also attracted to Justin, the sheriff's Deputy. There are lots of gory details but my stomach seemed to be stronger when I read this book. It was very well researched. Cammie also comes in contact with Hannah, her estranged mother, and a childhood secret. As she gets closer to solving this CSI type murder mystery her danger increases. Each book in this series seems to get grislier and I still can't imagine why the series is recommended for ages 12 and up! Strong stomached readers need only apply.

Jennifer Wardrip

Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadToo.comIf you are a fan of CSI, then this series is for you! THE ANGEL OF DEATH is the second book in the FORENSIC MYSTERY series by Alane Ferguson (following THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER). Seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney is deeply involved in the investigation into the death of her high school English teacher. She is the assistant to the county coroner, who happens to be her father. They have been called to the home of her teacher to examine what the sheriff describes as the "bizarre condition" of the decedent's body. The case is treated as a homicide, and Cameryn joins her father in everything from evidence collection to participation in the autopsy. Her future plans are to be a medical examiner, and thanks to past involvement in her father's cases, she is fairly knowledgeable. Ferguson doesn't limit the plot to the unusual death of the teacher; Cameryn's life has other interesting complications, as well. Her mother left when she was four years old and is about to make a reappearance in their lives. Kyle, one of the most popular boys in Cameryn's school, is suddenly interested in starting a relationship with her. In addition to those problems, Cameryn's best friend, Lyric, is not exactly acting normal. Readers who like an intriguing mystery, a good dose of "gory" detail, and a bit of romance will definitely enjoy this one.

M Ames

Did you know The angel of death is about a murder case that hasn’t been solved yet?.The boy who lies there dead is Camryn Mahoney, he was little who lived with his mom and dad his parents was rarely home so his sister had to watch him for a while. Cameryn goes to school and discovers bullies trying to beat him up all the time. For a while the bullies would stop but cameryn discovers who his real enemies are. Cameryn grew gruesome and tall over the years pass in high school. kyle, Camryn’s best friend was always there for him and tries to help him from torment.The guys were preoccupied during the time cameryn and his friend was walking home on a 96 degree weather. They both struggled throughout the time they had problems with the policemen and the government. They acted as rebels breaking the law and digging up dead bodies and putting it in certain backyards. Cammie is a girl who has trust issue problems and she couldn’t trust her dad because he was gone all the time. Cammie is kyle’s sister.She is seventeen even though at that age she has a secret. Her secret is that she murdered her teacher, no one knows about it and investigators have no idea it was camryn who had died.My experience with this book is that i had an connection to the book that you can not get away with a crime you committed even though investigators doesn’t know about it. Camryn is my favorite character because he displays in the story angel of death that you can come back to life or choose how you want to live your life. The character i do not like is cammie and kyle because they know who the killer was but they neglected the fact that murder was not the answer. The strengths of this book is detectives looked for the killers and the officers knew the kids. The book had a strong connection to my life because it made me think how much torture and hatred there is in the world we live in most certainly.I would recommend this book to others because it can show you relief and make you realize that we need peace in the world we live in. This book can be inspiring and can be dream chasing. This book can be also recommended to people who have a hard time with life.

Sandra Stiles

Cameryn (Cammie) Mahoney is like any seventeen year old girl in high school. She keeps secrets from her family, has some bumps in her relationship with her father and her best friend, and she is starting a new relationship, while someone is waiting in the wings for her. What makes Cammie unlike most seventeen year olds is she is a paid assistant to the county coroner, who just happens to be her father. In this sequel to the Christopher Killer, Cammie is once again involved with a murder. This time her English teacher, a scout leader is the victim. When Mr. Oakes didn’t show up for a scout hike, Kyle O’Neil goes to the scout leader’s house and makes the gruesome discovery. In addition to the investigation, Cammie is having some hiccups with her best friend Lyric and she is beginning a relationship with Kyle . She is also keeping a secret from her family. She is awaiting the arrival of her mother whom she has not seen since she was four. The stress alone could kill her. The problem is she has so much on her plate she doesn’t even realize she is a target of the killer until it is almost too late.


This book, “The Angel of Death” by Alane Ferguson, was a book that I flew through. In saying that, I mean that once I started reading it, I simply couldn’t stop. It is the second book in “The Forensic Mysteries”, which is a series following Cameryn Mahoney and her adventures as a coroner’s daughter.This book begins with Cameryn and a police officer, Justin, going to look at a dog carcass that was found on the side of the road. As the book progresses, a strange thing happens in Cameryn’s hometown: her English teacher is found dead in his bed. Now, one may think, “Why is that so strange?”. The strange part about it is that the English teacher is cooked. All of his organs show signs of being cooked. But there is no evidence of any burns on his skin, or of any fires that could have happened in his home. According to Dr. Moore, the head coroner, this poor English teacher had been, “baked from the inside out”.(98) Kyle O’Neil was the young man to find the English teacher dead, and he becomes very shaken up about it. Cameryn comforts him, and eventually the two become a couple. But at the end of the story, this relationship comes into question. The conclusion of the book leaves you somewhat satisfied. The murder has been solved, Cameryn is okay, and she finally gets to meet her long lost mother. But there is something that isn’t quite right. Kyle is on the loose. After allowing Cameryn to live, he runs into the forest saying, “One, they’ll never ever find me. And two, one day, when you least expect it, I’ll be back”. (243) This is almost a guarantee that in the rest of the series, Kyle will be popping up again. Why do I think that Kyle let Cameryn live? I believe that Kyle truly had feelings of some kind for her. Until she went into the chicken coop, their relationship was perfect. She was there when he needed her, and vice versa. I think that Kyle was looking for someone that he could truly talk to, someone that would understand at least some of his pain. And he found that person in Cameryn. The theme of this book, I believe, is emptiness. Kyle feels empty inside from the loss of his mother to suicide, so he becomes a killer. It was a way to escape the pain of knowing that his mother was gone forever or that his father was constantly gone and never home. Cameryn feels empty when she finds out that her father has been lying to her all of these years about her mother. And once Cameryn starts lying back to her father, it makes her feel all the more hollow. Cameryn is also feeling empty due to the fact that she is an assistant to the coroner. She must detach from all of her emotions during autopsies, and I feel that this attitude sometimes follows her into her everyday life. This book was an awesome story. Alane Ferguson managed to incorporate crime, mystery, and romance into one 256 page book. It all flowed really well, and the end was quite a thriller. I enjoyed being able to try to solve the death throughout the book, and I was glad to know that in the end my predictions had been pretty spot on. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading books that are a little dark at times, or to someone that does not have a weak stomach.

Nicole Baker

Cameryn Mahoney has a unusual job. She is the assistant of her father who is a forensic. She has a interest in death and has read and studied the job of forensics. She finds out her last year teacher was found dead his bed.In my opinion it is a really good book I read the first book and it was really interesting about her mom wanting to see her. This book I wanted to keep reading, but I only had so much time. If I could have I would have read it in one day.I recommend this book for middle scholars who are into mystery and forensic. It would be a good 230 page book for people who don't like reading a lot and people who love reading but read slow.


There were few surprises in this book save for the method employed for murder. However, there were lots of tidbits about forensics and the action was good.Book DescriptionPublication Date: February 28, 2008 | Series: Forensic MysteryBeing a coroner's assistant means that Cameryn has seen more gore than your average seventeen-year-old. But even Cammie is shocked when Kyle O'Neil, the most popular guy in school, discovers the gruesome corpse of their English teacher murdered in his own bed. As Cammie gets involved in the case, she finds herself drawn to Kyle, and considers trusting him with the secret that she can't even tell her father. But when their relationship starts to move toward romance, the struggle to solve the case of her teacher's death intensifies. Will Cameryn be too preoccupied to identify the killer in time?

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