The Annals of San Francisco, Set

ISBN: 0781250900
ISBN 13: 9780781250900
By: Frank Soule

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About this book

Written by three journalists who were witnesses to and participants in the extraordinary events they describe, The Annals of San Francisco, originally published in 1855, is both an essential record for historians and a delightful narrative for general readers. Over 100 historical engravings are included.

Reader's Thoughts


I wanted to like this, but it is unfortunately too much a product of its time. What I really want to read is the updated, edited, and shortened version, without the bigotry.


Very informative, but not a fast read.


This book is SO freakin' good. Seriously, if I'd had this as a history text in High School I would know a thing or two worth knowing... and be hugely entertained in the process.On the other hand, finding it now is like finding a treasure map: the map itself being the treasure.

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