The Art of Rock Posters from Presley to Punk

ISBN: 0789206110
ISBN 13: 9780789206114
By: Paul Grushkin Abbeville Press

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About this book

A visual biography of Gabrielle Sidonie Colette... et voila Colette.

Reader's Thoughts


This book goes through the beginning of poster art up until early screenprinted. The old school Hatch posters and then the xerox copied fliers are cool to look at. The later book- Art of Modern Rock is awesome too!


Wonderful poster art


The Art of Rock Posters is one of my favourite go-to books for artistic inspiration. Bounded inside this volume is the evolution of artwork that was designed not only to inform but to also interpret the essence of the music and it's performers...with most vivid results.


Like I totally want to line my walls with this stuff, man.

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