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Contents:Blowups Happen (1940) by Robert A. HeinleinHindsight (1940) by Jack WilliamsonVault of the Beast (1940) by A. E. van VogtThe Exalted (1940) by L. Sprague de CampNightfall (1941) by Isaac AsimovWhen the Bough Breaks (1944) by Henry Kuttner and C. L. MooreClash by Night (1943) by Henry Kuttner and C. L. MooreInvariant (1944) by John R. PierceFirst Contact (1945) by Murray LeinsterMeihem in ce Klasrum (1946) essay by Dolton EdwardsHobbyist (1947) by Eric Frank RussellE for Effort (1947) by T. L. SherredChild's Play (1947) by William TennThunder and Roses (1947) by Theodore SturgeonLate Night Final (1948) by Eric Frank RussellCold War (1949) by Kris NevilleEternity Lost (1949) by Clifford D. SimakThe Witches of Karres (1949) by James H. SchmitzOver the Top (1949) by Lester del ReyMeteor (1950) by William T. PowersLast Enemy (1950) by H. Beam PiperHistorical Note (1951) by Murray LeinsterProtected Species (1951) by H. B. Fyfe

Reader's Thoughts

Kevin Brown

Science fiction in its early years was a short-story driven genre, owing to publication in the pulp magazines of the day. Because of this, most of the best early work is either short stories or novellas. Many early award-winning novels were often padded versions of short stories or novellas, or originally serialized in magazine form (Budrys' Rogue Moon , Flowers for Algernon , Bester's The Demolished Man , Clifton's They'd Rather Be Right, to name a few). This anthology, along with the SFWA short story and novella collections volumes 1, 2, and 2A (edited by Silverberg and Bova) are a great survey of some of the best short stuff from those early magazine days.

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