The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats

ISBN: 0020555806
ISBN 13: 9780020555803
By: W.B. Yeats

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About this book

Subtitle: Consisting of Reveries over Childhood and Youth; The Trembling of the Veil; and Dramatis Personae.

Reader's Thoughts


Why don't college professors tell you that Yeats believed in magic when they have you read his poems? Kind of important. Don't ya think?


One of my favorite quotes: "Later I heard him talk of her as a man talk of something he cannot keep silence over because it is in all his thoughts."I'm positive I read this for some course.


I was first introduced to WBY in university by my professor. He remains one of the few poets that remain dear to my soul.

Steven Hernacki

an excellent collection of work to cobble together to make an autobiography. worth reading just for the journal extracts 2/3 of the way in.

Aaron Meyer

Mr. Yeats definitely lived in some interesting times. It's probably a good thing to know something about Ireland from that time to better appreciate the book but one can still enjoy it for what it is. My only wish was that he would of talked more about his involvement with the Golden Dawn. He touched on meeting Mathers and being involved with him and some of his own experiments but that's it.

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