The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner: A Powerful Plan to Finish Rich in Real Estate

ISBN: 0767921208
ISBN 13: 9780767921206
By: David Bach

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Reader's Thoughts


I am on a self-help frenzy, and this series of books have been thought provoking and inspirational if you are looking to improve your current financial situation. I would not say these are the end all be all in finance books, but definitely worth reading if financial planning is up your alley!


This book contains some good advice for buying a home and is also a convincing arguement as to why homeowning is a good long term investment. It will also make you think twice about selling your house versus holding onto it as a rental property.

Dena Harris

I think this is a good book if you want to increase your understanding on making money (long-term) by means of owning homes-I would much rather read something entertaining though!


This book was passed on from a friend... Interesting...Not a millionare, but showed me how to save alittle


Definitely a good plan. It has helped me realize some of the places where I was wasting my money and helped me eliminate most all of my debt. Consider this book before going to those "debt elimination" services.


There was a really good lesson in this book wich made me hopeful. It was a narrative of a couple who never sold their first home but rented it out and they became very weatlthy by the time they were retired. This encourages me because since we are renting our first house ONLY because it didn't sell, that maybe it will be better for us financially in the future. Overall, I was pretty disappointed in this book. Most of the book was about how to shop for and buy a house. Most things I knew already because I have gone through that two times.


I paid thousands of dollars to learn the information in this book the hard way over 6 years...Wish I had found this faster and before all the other classes.Very easy to read, bit by bit, and chapter tips at end keep readers on track to actually apply the advice here easily.

Edward Monrad

Worthless book cheerleading investing in real estate as a way to grow wealth over time. Somewhat outdated and doesn't present useful, actionable information.


My attention to detail skill was absent when I bought this audiobook on iTunes. I wanted The Automatic Millionaire, but bought the Real Estate version by accident. While I still want to go back and read that book, I cannot recommend this particular book. Bach begins by stating the stock market cannot produce the returns of real estate. His disclaimer is the book is written in 2006, so some things may change when the reader goes through it. He mentions his methods are timeless because everyone needs a home. He discusses building wealth through borrowing other people's money. While he spend 12 chapters talking about building a portfolio of real estate, he does not adequately discuss risks invovled. I give him credit for stating that "get-rich quick" does not work and that the reader should take tiime to build their real estate wealth. This is because the home is one of our most valuable investments. I just cannot begin to agree with his methods of using debt to build wealth. If you read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and you want to know what this book talks about, then here's what you will find. Take most of Dave's principles and do the opposite. If you go this route to build wealth, keep Dave Ramsey's phone number ready to call when the banks start calling in your notes. I'll take financial peace over wealth with debt any day.

Jeff Noble

The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner: A Powerful Plan to Finish Rich in Real Estate by David Bach (?)


It was an interesting read; especially being on the wrong side of the bust. However, I thought there were a number of good tips for all aspects of buying a home. I think it would behoove people to be a little more conservative, but the plan of action laid out in this book is certainly insightful. There are also a number of good resources listed in the book.The style of writing really does motivate me. I want Clayton to read this book so that we can be on the same page as far as some of the tips and goals for the future!I am also interested in reading the other books in the Finish Rich series.

Christy Kuczak

Although this book is sort of basic on some of its messages, it is quite inspiring to get people to buy their first home. I even put a deposit on my first condo within a few months after reading this book the first time.




I read this just out of college, and it gave me some great ideas. It is a realistic approach to how an "average Joe" can get ahead and become a multi-property owner in his/her lifetime. Very doable! :)

Jackie C

David Bach's very simple concepts of savings, applied to investment in real estate. A great book for anyone who is almost ready to start looking for a house but still has fear that it's an unreachable or dangerous endeavour.

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