The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner

ISBN: 0767925459
ISBN 13: 9780767925457
By: David Bach

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Reader's Thoughts

Shaeley Santiago

Similar ideas to Bach's The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich only with specific application to owning a home (mortgages, etc.).


I paid thousands of dollars to learn the information in this book the hard way over 6 years...Wish I had found this faster and before all the other classes.Very easy to read, bit by bit, and chapter tips at end keep readers on track to actually apply the advice here easily.




There was a really good lesson in this book wich made me hopeful. It was a narrative of a couple who never sold their first home but rented it out and they became very weatlthy by the time they were retired. This encourages me because since we are renting our first house ONLY because it didn't sell, that maybe it will be better for us financially in the future. Overall, I was pretty disappointed in this book. Most of the book was about how to shop for and buy a house. Most things I knew already because I have gone through that two times.

Jonathan Dunning

It was an ok book but the chapter on mortgages felt like it went on forever. And, I doubt half those mortgages are even offered now that the economy tanked. There were good ideas in the book, but I was hoping for something more.


According to this book the key to becoming a millionaire is to never sale your first home. Keep it and rent it out. It was an interesting book with a lot of good advice on money and real estate.

Jeff Noble

The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner: A Powerful Plan to Finish Rich in Real Estate by David Bach (?)


It was an interesting read; especially being on the wrong side of the bust. However, I thought there were a number of good tips for all aspects of buying a home. I think it would behoove people to be a little more conservative, but the plan of action laid out in this book is certainly insightful. There are also a number of good resources listed in the book.The style of writing really does motivate me. I want Clayton to read this book so that we can be on the same page as far as some of the tips and goals for the future!I am also interested in reading the other books in the Finish Rich series.


This book was fantastic and I recommend anyone looking at buying a new home to read it to become educated. Since I have already been through the home-buying process, I knew a lot of what the book was explaining, however, I did still learn a lot of information that I can use in the next time I purchase a home. Although I would rather be rich now and this book, along with the rest of his Finish Rich series, is in hopes of preparing you to plan for your future retirement years and years down the road, David Bach provides low risk opportunities for investing. In the situation I am in right now and the way the economy is, reading this book just comforted me on making the right decisions and reminded me why I bought my home in the first place. As many people know, Garrett and I have a love/hate relationship with our home and as we sweat over maintaining a nice living space and area, it will be worth it later in life when we can 'finish rich.'


Definitely a good plan. It has helped me realize some of the places where I was wasting my money and helped me eliminate most all of my debt. Consider this book before going to those "debt elimination" services.


Again with Bach, this book shows you how renting gets you nowhere, and buying gets you rich!I'm currently re-reading it.

Tony Canas

Bach's ideas are powerful, helped me see why we had to buy a house, the right house, with the right loan.


This book is great for beginners that just want to learn what options are out there. This book provides a detailed description of loan options in easy to understand terms. This book is perfect for everyone to read before embarking on any home ownership transactions.

Christy Kuczak

Although this book is sort of basic on some of its messages, it is quite inspiring to get people to buy their first home. I even put a deposit on my first condo within a few months after reading this book the first time.


I read this just out of college, and it gave me some great ideas. It is a realistic approach to how an "average Joe" can get ahead and become a multi-property owner in his/her lifetime. Very doable! :)

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