The Automatic Millionaire Workbook

ISBN: 0385661339
ISBN 13: 9780385661331
By: David Bach

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About this book

A companion to the mega bestseller The Automatic Millionaire, this workbook lets readers put pencil to paper as they craft a personalized map to richness.Tens of thousands of Canadians bought The Automatic Millionaire because it offered a simple financial plan that would guarantee a wealthy future. This companion workbook will walk readers through the strategies of The Automatic Millionaire step by step, and help them apply the principles of Pay Yourself Firstâ„¢ and Make it Automaticâ„¢ to their own circumstances. Exercises, fill-in charts, and checklists will help readers pay down debt, increase savings, get on the path to home ownership, and pay their mortgages off early. Readers will learn where to invest, who to call, and exactly what to say as they make their financial plan wholly automatic. Throughout, the workbook will tell the inspiring stories of ordinary North Americans from every level of income and debt who became Automatic Millionaires.

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Ryan an I are reading this one together

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