The Ayn Rand Column: Written for the Los Angeles Times

ISBN: 1561142921
ISBN 13: 9781561142927
By: Ayn Rand Peter Schwartz

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This short book contains all of the columns that Ayn Rand, (author of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead”) wrote for "The Los Angeles Times". These columns are short, but still insightful and feature crucial identifications about all branches of philosophy, but mostly on politics.See her short summation of her philosophy of Objectivism; her assessment of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Kennedy’s handling of it; the obvious good of capitalism and West Germany vs. the destitution, murder, and other evils of East Germany—and the refusal of the intellectuals to acknowledge it; why she held Christmas as a legitimate holiday that she herself celebrated; and even a Q&A in which she answered student questions on her novella, “Anthem”. As a bonus, a few of Rand's other essays are included, such as her explanation of her love of stamp collecting, and a list of some of her favorite authors. In all, this is a worthy read for anyone interested in ideas.

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