The Beloved: Reflections on the Path of the Heart

ISBN: 014019553X
ISBN 13: 9780140195538
By: Khalil Gibran John Walbridge Robin A.H. Waterfield

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About this book

Exquisite writings on love, marriage, and the spiritual union of souls add a fresh dimension to our understanding of the philosophy of love and the transformation of one's life through its all-encompassing power.

Reader's Thoughts

Shawn Riegsecker

Exquisite poetry.


This is probably the kind of book where you have to be in love when you read it. I'm not in love for once, so as pretty as the writing was, things got kind of repetitive after a while.


Gibran stays close to an idea that I've also read in Song of Songs 8:7 - If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.




قلب تو شاعری استعشققوی تر از مرگو مرگقوی تر از زندگی استجبران خلیل

Arthur Sumual

very romantic! if you're looking for love poems this is the one


This book ponders the ideas, ideals, preconceptions, conceptions and longings of love. Gibran is a beautiful poet and thinker. 'Sand and Foam' led me to this read.


this book is incredibly beautifully written. love is real!

Fred Kohn

Of course, the various stories and poems in this collection vary in quality, but there are so many that are over-the-top wonderful that one can't help give five stars. At the very least, read the poignant yet tragic love story of Layla and Saleem in The Bridal Bed, made all the more dazzling by the fact that it is based on a true incident.


3,5/5 Κλασσικός Gibran!!


باران رویاستمیان بالهای شب می خزدبه پنجره های بسته دست می کشدو در میان رازها راه می رودباران رویاستآرزوها را صدا می کنددر کوچه های گذشته،قدم می زندهیچ نمی پرسدهمه چیز را میداند...باران رویاستو رویاهابه بارانی شسته خواهد شدتو نیز بارانیمیان رویاهای من،تا صبحدم قدم میزنیرازها را نوازش می کنیهیچ نمی پرسیهمه چیز را می دانی...



Matt Meeks

Read the prophet first. This is a short collection of love stories and poems not all being anything especially profound.

Meena Gupta

It makes me think how powerful & fearless Khalil Gibran's was to have wrtten on such themes. Imagine the upraor this book must have caused in the 1900's when they were first published in Arabic. His first and target audience was the Arabic world withen which women did not have the right or the freedom to choose their own partners.These themes still exist even to this day so it is easy to relate to all his writings.A great book of short stories.

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