The Big Bang: A Guide to the New Sexual Universe

ISBN: 0452284260
ISBN 13: 9780452284265
By: Nerve Lorelei Sharkey Matt Gunther Erin Benach Nerve

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About this book

The Big Bang, conceived by the entire Nerve staff, was penned by the site's most popular columnists, Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey--along with a team of doctors--and photographed by critically acclaimed photographer Matthew Gunther. Nerve's "Your Week in Sex" column, available on over 30 websites, reaches 30 million viewers each week. The definitive guide to "doing it" From the hippest, smartest sex site on the web,, comes the only sex manual you'll ever need...No, really. Think you don't need The Big Bang? Think again: Do you know which body part is the wallflower of the sexual prom? How about the real meaning of "thinking outside the box"? Not sure how to choose the right condom for your man, the most effective lube for your lady, or the best way to spend a quiet evening alone? A sassy, hilarious, and fully-illustrated guide to original sin. Packed with step-by-step guidance and practical, well-researched advice, The Big Bang covers all the bases--from going down and lubing up to female ejaculation and bondage for beginners. Whether you're new to the game or consider yourself a pro, whether you're a swinging single or married with children, and whether you're straight, gay, or somewhere in between--you'll never knock boots the same way again.

Reader's Thoughts


Everyone should read this book!! It is highly informational and interesting to boot.


I read it for the articles, really.


This book is witty, funny, and well-researched - an excellent conversation starter not only between friends, but between partners.


I was looking for a book about sex to recommend on mothering dot com and was reminded how good this book is. It talks in a humorous, but direct way about just about every aspect of sex you'd want to know about. The upshot though was I didn't end up posting anything after realizing that they're looking for books that speak from a conservative standpoint which this book definitely does not.


I'm a big fan of Em & Lo and Nerve, and think this is probably the edgiest comprehensive, straight forward sex guide I've found.


Fairly large volume. Cheeky and trendy, but with LOTS of good information. Every 10 years or so a book like this is written (more than once a generation). IMHO, this book is the current incarnation in the field pioneered by "The Joy of Sex" (circa 1979). BTW, The only reason I didn't give it more stars is that an encyclopedic volume like this isn't all flowers and fireworks. It IS a good read, but I'm not going to bring it to the beach w/ me like a Harlequin novel, or Harry Potter.


Another Valentine's Day gift..and absolutely hilarious and fun to read with a partner.


best sex book. GREAT pictures! good info, and really funny.

Corey Holly

Funny and sexy as hell. A must read.


I swear I'm not a freak, my therapist had me read this one! It will make you blush, but super eye opening and kinda funny. The authors are witty and straight forward. It will definately make you feel more comfortable in your skin!


Sort of modern Joy of Sex.

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