The Birthdays: A Novel

ISBN: 0393061272
ISBN 13: 9780393061277
By: Heidi Pitlor

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Reader's Thoughts


This book had an interesting concept with 3 women in 1 family, in various stages of pregnancy. But each character had so many issues. I guess I read to escape and I don't want to read about people going through the same type of issues.


Quite sad to start (for the first half actually!) Hoping it has a good lesson in the end?! Nope... not much. I didn't find much closure and I'm certainly not pleased with the book overall... oh well :(


(Spoil alert) Good - 1st novel. Family meets in Maine for father's 75th b-day. Each family is pregnant. Jake and Liz are rich - pregnant with twins. Hillary is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. Daniel and Brenda - lose baby on way to birthday.

Michelle Amarante

It's not often that I dislike the characters in a book, but this was one of them. What a bunch of self-absorbed people. I felt bad for the dad, he seemed to be the only really nice person out of the whole bunch.


Generally a little self-indulgent, and it made me feel, at times, like I was reading a harlequin romance.However, the characters definitely seeped into my subconscious and I thought about them, and their particular situations probably more than I should have.

Susan Pithie

Enjoyable nothing too distinctive....I would have liked the characters not to have so much to say in their thoughts. It was little pat especially about the sister who was a single parent just falling into her new life. Not as much depth as could have been developed.


Such a sad group of family members. Book had no point and do not understand the title. It's just one birthday not several


although an easy read, this book was a long story without much of a plot or story. the author gave away everyone's secrets to the reader very early there were no surprises and no suspense. and in the end i just didn't really like any of the characters.


When I first started reading The Birthdays, I thought it was a story I would enjoy...I was wrong. This one was just okay. The characters never seemed to mesh. I did not like the flow of the story and most of the time I just wanted to put the book aside and start something else.

Anne Jones

It didn't get my attention right away so i left it and went to another. Came back and did finish it but wasn't that excited. Family gets together and they each have individual trials. The book does not tell how the trials end so that leaves yoi hanging.


Maybe because I knew Heidi Pitlor in middle and high school, I couldn't help wondering about her personal life while I was reading this. This novel was a little depressing.


If I could, I'd choose three and a half stars for The Birthday because, though Pitlor's writing gets better as the novel progresses, it takes a while for her to find her sea legs. This is a family tale in an Anne Tyler vein, with believable characters who mistrust, misunderstand, misspeak, misstep---and who, in the end, love each other and show it.


Novel centers on a family (three children and their parents) reuniting to celebrate Dad's 75th birthday. The book has a lot of promise and bright spots, but came across as dull and lackluster to me.


I hated this book. The characters bothered me to no end. It's not often that I dislike a book this much. I wouldn't recommend this read to anyone.


Although I thought the characters were well written I felt like this story was really lacking something. I kept waiting for somthing to happen or for the plot to get better, but it didn't. The story just ended rather suddenly with no real resolution to any of the story lines

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