The Bladerunner

ISBN: 0345246543
ISBN 13: 9780345246547
By: Alan E. Nourse

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Reader's Thoughts

kim obkimmer

While not the best of Nourse, I can see why they were compelled to make a screenplay from it. For a real extra dimensional mind fuck, try "The Universe Between", a favorite Nourse story from my childhood.

Byron 'Giggsy' Paul

A lesser known classic. This has the feel of other new age sci-fi novels of the 60s & 70s, but also can be considered pre-cyberpunk and biopunk that came afterwards. Nourse calls upon his physican background to create a very plausible viral epidemic as a result of dystopian heathcare reform. I finished this 2 days before the 2012 Obama vs Romney election where Healthcare might possibly be the number 1 issue. This novel predicts healthcare system chaos very well, and the fantasy story hits a little close to home, I hope this really isn't our future!


I initially thought this was the novel of the movie (which I hadn't yet seen), but it turned out to be about smuggling medical equipment to underground doctors in an oppressive future where certain classes of society aren't supposed to get medical treatment.

Carol Tensen

How odd to be reading a futuristic novel that takes place in 2009. Nourse, who was a medical doctor, predicted that healthcare would lead to a monetary crisis. A program of eugenics is devised to solve the problem. In order to receive medical treatment, one must be free of hereditary diseases or agree to sterilization. This leads to an enormous medical underground. As a 21st century reader, I feel that rationing healthcare based on genetic worthiness seems as heartless as rationing it based on ability to pay (or procure insurance). It's a shame that this novel is out of print. I think that it would generate some lively debate. This is the first novel I've read by Nourse. I recommend reading some of his short stories, notably "Tiger by the Tail".

Derek (Guilty of thoughtcrime)

I read this too long ago to remember much - just that it's nothing like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


Opera d'una sensibilità ammirabile, rientra senza dubbio tra i tesori letterari da riscoprire.


In 2014 seventeen-year-old Billy Gimp risks great danger as a procurer of illegal medical supplies for a skilled surgeon determined to provide health care for people considered unqualified for legal medical aid. One of my favorite authors wrote this great story about illegal medicine of the future. At the present time, the story is only available as a used book (if you can find it). The film of a similar name (Blade Runner) is an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story and unrelated, except by the title.


This was a great book - nothing to do with the movie, but good nonetheless. It felt a lot like 2030 by Albert Brooks. The main difference is when Nourse wrote the book it was a pretty far-fetched notion - now, not so much. If you like scifi and political commentary you'll dig this book.

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