The Book of Jubilees; The Little Genesis, The Apocalypse of Moses

ISBN: 1933580097
ISBN 13: 9781933580098
By: Joseph B. Lumpkin

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Reader's Thoughts


Fun drinking game: read Jubilees and do a shot of tequila whenever a major textual variation comes up in a parallel of the Masoretic or Septuagint Genesis traditions. Chase it with a beer when the Ethiopic version and Dead Sea Scrolls versions agree against the Septuagint and Masoretic versions.Er.... is that just me?The book is well-translated enough, though not spectacularly, from Ethiopian sources. (For those who do not know or read introductions: the book was well-known to early Christians, but suppressed by the fourth century for reasons that are not entirely clear. But it remains canonical to Ethiopian Christians and Ethiopian Jews. How weird is that.)


Wish I would have known about The Book of Jubilees a long time ago.

DJ Harris

I love to read books that have been omitted from the Bible. With the exception of The Book of Enoch , The Book of Jubilees is my favorite lost book that I think should have been included in the finalized text. My opinion as to why it was left out is due to its largely fantastic and somewhat unrealistic storylines, true or false.The Book of Enoch and The Book of Jubilees are really companion books. The Book of Enoch tells us the flood was primarily to get rid of the fallen ones and their descendants, however; The Book of Jubilees tells us that God allowed some of the fallen to return after the flood to test humanity, preparing them for judgement. In the Book of Jubilees, there are numerous references to angels, good and evil. The good angels are servants of God, whereas the evil angels oppose God and seek to lead human beings astray. A dominant theme in the Book of Jubilees is that of God as righteous judge. Also, The Law is a central focus in the book. It defines what is good and evil for all of creation and serves as the basis of God’s judgment. In addition, it addresses that even though God as righteous judge gives each human freedom of choice, they must suffer the consequences of their choices, but God is merciful and is willing to remove the guilt resulting from sin.Jerusalem is said to be one of the three holy places on earth, the other two being the Garden of Eden and Mt. Sinai. Zion is called the navel of the earth, which in the context seems to mean the culture center of the earth.Many people may be offended by the insistence the book tends to make toward maintaining racial purity and national identity. Get your copy of The Book of Jubilees on Amazon Now!

Shannon Baas

This was an interesting book that covers Genesis and some of Exodus. It goes into a lot more detail than the bible does. I would recommend the book to any Christian.


translated from ethiopic; loaded with ancient practices from all the times before and up to moses;difficult to read but very informative

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