The Boondocks: Fresh for ’01…You Suckas

ISBN: 0740713957
ISBN 13: 9780740713958
By: Aaron McGruder Jean Zevnik

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About this book

The Boondocks is a rich, multilayered comic strip that offers a frank yet often funny look at race in America. It starts with a simple premise: Two young boys, Riley and Huey, move from innercity Chicago to live with their grandfather. The tension increases, however, because the two boys are African-Americans now compelled to adapt to a white suburban world. They must take all they've learned in the "hood and apply it to life in the 'burbs. Superbly illustrated, The Boondocks has stirred controversy, attracted widespread media coverage, and won readers who've applauded McGruder's unapologetic and humorous approach to race.

Reader's Thoughts


A little painful to read the Nader/Gore/Bush stuff now, 8 years later.

Hannah Givens

Just as funny as the first volume!


Nothing like the TV show version of the strip.


Love the addition of the character Michael Caesar (BROOKLYN!! ) who is not on the tv show.


way better than the animated series.

Philadelphia Tee-roy

Its the boondocks nuff said

Brian DiMattia

Brilliant stuff, contains some of the better strips from the series. Includes classics like Psycho Star Wars Guy kicking George Lucas, the 2000 Census, and McGruder's contribution to the series of comic strips memorializing the late Charles Schulz: "Read Dummy!"This book is some of the best parts of a great comic. It deserves to be mentioned with the best of Doonesbury, the Far Side, and Calvin and Hobbes.


Aaron Mcgruder was one of the only people involved with the American media in any way who had the balls to speak out against some of "W" and co.'s several missteps in the touchy months following 9/11. He even lashed out at his own censors, replacing the little thugs in his comic strip with new characters called "Flaggie and Ribbon." Oh my God that was fucking funny. I guess we all have our own ideas of what patriotism means...


In this book the way they told the grandpa that he was fired was wrong. And why did they let the little kids see a bad movie? I would of told them no!And they were too young to see it.I really think the family in the book is crazy.

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