The Boondocks: Public Enemy #2

ISBN: 1400082587
ISBN 13: 9781400082582
By: Aaron McGruder

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About this book

Here’s the next big collection of Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks, the most subversively funny, controversial, and politically engaged strip to be found in America’s comics pages. Featuring Huey Freeman, a radical preteen conspiracy theorist, and his little brother Riley, a desperately cute thug-in-training, The Boondocks skewers targets from George W. Bush and Ralph Nader to Queen Latifah and Bill Cosby. With more than 500 previously uncollected strips—including strips banned from newspapers around the country—Public Enemy #2 is a must-have collection of the sharpest satire being crafted today.

Reader's Thoughts


i liked it i think that this book is one of the funniest books ever


Ok, now I have read all of the Boondocks strips. There are no more to read. COME BACK AARON McGRUDER!!! TELEVISION DOESN'T DESERVE YOU!!!


one the funniest book i think i have read some racial commments but funny

Dean Anderson

The topical humor, not surprisingly, does not hold up as well as the character humor.


The Boondocks is my favorite comic. I wish that Aaron McGruder still drew it. I miss it.


This book is very funny and offensive but thats what makes it funny.If you cant take a few offensive remarks go ahead dont get this book, but while your not reading this book ill have fun reading it and others will to.


As a fan of Aaron McGruder, I read most of these comic strips when they originally came out and the strip was syndicated. The majority of the comics in this book are time-specific with references to Dubya (George W), the Iraq War, and other political personalities from the time. It is outrageously funny, though. - Okay, I admit it was funnier in the mid-2000's, but it was so fun to read the comics again. I specifically sought out this book, because there is a long sequence of comics about Condoleeza Rice that had me in stitches the first time around. It had the same effect now.

Mateo 709

this #*#^ is funny




#2 isn't as funny as "A Right To Be Hostile," but it's still interesting. For instance, Huey makes a lot of gripes in this one about how we'll never see a black president in our lifetime. It makes you want to do more research into Mcgruder's work since Obama's inauguration.

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