The Broken Citadel

ISBN: 0689304765
ISBN 13: 9780689304767
By: Joyce Ballou Gregorian

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About this book

Brought to a strange world where strength of mind and spirit are constantly required of her, Sibby finds friends, adventure, and a sense of belonging.

Reader's Thoughts


I loved this book. It's more "high fantasy" than what I usually read, but I was sucked right into it. A preteen girl (a bit of an outcast, never really fitting in) leaps into a magical world and joins a group of travelers on a quest, thereby finding where she truly belongs. I know, it's a synopsis that could be used to fit to any number of fantasy novels, but this is carefully plotted and beautifully written. I'm looking forward to picking up the next book in the Tredana Trilogy.

Alex Fayle

This series of books, The Broken Citadel, Castledown and The Great Wheel, most certainly wasn't one of the biggest influences in my life, but they are great books and sometimes haunt my thoughts. The Broken Citadel was one of the first "portal fantasies" that I ever read. I think it sticks in my mind so much because while I was reading it, I played Canadian new wave band Strange Advance's Worlds Away over and over, imprinting on my a romantic love of the series.I know that portal fantasies are out of style these days, but the Tredana series is one of the better ones.It's of course out of print, and being the only books the (late) author wrote, it's highly unlikely they'll ever get re-issued in print or electronically, but if you can get your hand on a used copy, I'd highly recommend them.


Actually, currently re-reading! I need this category.

Tina Dyer

This is the other formative fantasy influence on my childhood (the first is Susan Cooper's "Dark is Rising" series.) Here, a teenage girl named Sybby slips between worlds to participate in what seems to be the standard rescue-the-princess adventure...except the ramifications turn out to be complex, sophisticated, and very,very realistic. Each book in the series has a slightly different historical influence--this one is medieval european. A YA protagonist, but not dumbed-down or silly; a viable read for adults.


I've read this book in german translation, but even so I just loved it. I think Joyce Ballou Gregorian creates a world like Tolkien and C.S. Lewis had done before, but completely different to other fantasy-countries. Especially i love Ajjibawar - through all 3 books...


This sounds right up my alley. Must acquire.

Sara Light-waller

I just loved this series. Some of my favorite fantasy books.

Arlene Allen

I loved this book and her writing! It is about a girl, some ruins, and transport into a richly imagined alternative world. The heroine is a litte girl in this book, the first of a trilogy.

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