The Bunyans (Scholastic Bookshelf)

ISBN: 0439812143
ISBN 13: 9780439812146
By: Audrey Wood David Shannon

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About this book

Let the Scholastic Bookshelf be your guide through the whole range of your child's reading experience -- laugh with them, learn with them, read with them!You may know that Paul Bunyan was taller than a redwood tree and stronger than fifty grizzly bears--but you may NOT know that he also had a wife and two kids who helped him create some of the most striking natural wonders of North America! With warmth, humor, and dazzling landscapes, award-winning writer Audrey Wood and acclaimed illustrator David Shannon team up to present the tall-tale beginnings of Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, Old Faithful, and more. The Bunyans are a family you will never forget!

Reader's Thoughts


The Bunyans / Audrey Wood / 1996Genre: fiction, folktaleFormat: picture bookPlot Summary: A rip-roaring look at the over sized Bunyan family, whose massive sizes and misadventures were the cause of many of America's natural wonders.Considerations:no red flagsReview Citation: School Library Journal, December 1996, Vol. 42, p110, 1pSelection Source: Children's Core CollectionRecommended age: 6-9


An awful lot of kids aren't getting folk tales any more. This book adds some new spin on some existing tales, and does so in fun, traditional fashion.Audrey Wood is really a splendid children's book author. Just as the legend of Paul Bunyan 'explains' how Minnesota's lakes were formed, this tale explains a few more natural wonders: Mammoth Cave, Niagara Falls, Bryce Canyon, Big Sur, the Continental Divide/Rocky Mountains to name a few. Lots of fun.David Shannon's illustrations (so different from his "No David" books) are a perfect complement to the story.An over-looked book well worth the fun read!

Joey Fong

This is a book written about an American folk tale character and his family. It illustrated how the family accidentally created all of the beautiful landscape and geography all over North America. Perfect book to introduce the geography of North America. a lot of exaggeration and imaginative writing elements that students can benefit from.


Do you know a lot of school children no longer know who Paul Bunyan is? Trot this one out along with some other American folk stories - and throw in some good music with some Dan Zanes and Pete Seeger folk songs...


This is one of my favorite versions of the Paul Bunyan tall tale. An excellent read aloud for elementary age students!


Cute continuation of the Paul Bunyan Tall Tale! Paul gets married to a woman almost as big and strong as himself, and they have two children.


This is a great book for kids and parents. We had lots of chuckles.My son wanted to know if Paul really diud creat all those places lol.


The Bunyans are just your typical tall-tale family, complete with oversize activities for their two kids, Jean and Teensy. This is a short, simple story that would make a great accompaniment to a traditional Paul Bunyan and Babe book.Really enjoyed the pictures by David Shannon; they seemed to capture the folksy feel of the legend without going overboard.

Theresa C

Wood, Audrey. The Bunyans Blue Sky Press, 1996This tall tale is about Paul Bunyan’s family, his wife and two children. Most children know about Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. They may know that he is taller than a redwood tree and stronger than fifty grizzly bears but they may not know he has a family! Children will chuckle at the adventures of the Bunyans as well as the names and descriptions of the children ie. a “jumbo boy” named Little Jean and a “gigantic girl” named Teeny. Children won’t have any difficulty knowing that events in this story are pretty far fetched!!! However, there are many real landmarks in the story for children to discover together online in an encyclopedia or atlas. The story would make a great geography lesson for fourth graders as they study regions of the country and learn of many of the landmarks mentioned in the book. Children will especially enjoy the hilarious illustrations and the absurdity of the story.

Ranielle Jankarlo

Nostalgia. Grade 4 memories.


fabulous book for teaching folk tails

Makayla Turner

I absolutely love this book! The illustrations are amazing and the plot was very fresh and original. This book shows that Paul Bunyan had a family and Audrey Wood takes the reader through all of their adventures as a family. It's a great book for children!


Auredy Wood is one of the most consistent and entertaining children's story teller that we have. Here is another great tale of Paul Bunyan. Yet not the tale you know. This is Paul Bunyan the family man and how his family helped to shape the geography of the United States. A wonderful continuation of the PaulBunyan myth and legend.


David Shannon and Audrey Wood are a great team for this extension of the Paul Bunyan tall tale. Shannon's pictures are fantastic and compliment Wood's cute story. This tall tale explores America with the Bunyan family as they create many famous landmarks. Wood's creativity soars as she generates funny creation stories for the landmarks. My fifth graders enjoyed the story and afterwards plotted the Bunyan's journey on a U.S. map. A perfect crosscurricular experience!


3.5A retelling of the Bunyan story in a creative new way. I was blown away by the art, and found the story pretty engaging. However, I also didn't love the story. It was a bit disjointed for my liking. At one point, I thought we skipped some pages because the previous page was so disconnected from the page before. There are so few amazing Americana picture books though, I felt it deserved the round up.

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