The Business of Bullshit

ISBN: 0452287332
ISBN 13: 9780452287334
By: Graham Edmonds

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About this book

Ducks in a row. Squaring the circle. Strategic thinking. Modern life is full of bullshit, so much so that sometimes it’s hard to know where to draw the line. With hilarious explanations of over five hundred commonly used bullshit words and phrases—in categories including consulting, marketing, politics, and sports—The Business of Bullshit is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the spin-heavy lingo of the modern world. As a bonus, for the truly inspired, each section comes with a Bullshit Bingo card so you can put your new lexicon to use and compete with your friends—at meetings, lectures, or watching politicians on TV—to see who can get Bingo first.

Reader's Thoughts

Kevin Deaton

If you've ever had trouble understanding the double speak or subtext in todays business climate, you owe it to yourself to confirm that ignorance can be bliss. Being a Car Salesman by trade, I bear the honor of knowing this language much better than I'd like. This is a funny read which may enlighten many, but make just as many cringe. If you need a bullshit meter, this is it.


This book is a definite must-read. If you have worked in any office setting, or even in education, you owe it to yourself to read this book which details the terms used by bullshitters just about anywhere. Though the book does have a slight British focus, this does not take away from the experience other than American readers may come across a few terms they may have never seen before. I like how the book gives the actual meaning of the term, and then it provides the bullshit translation. Sometimes the contrast between the real meaning and bullshit meaning provides great humor. Odds are good that you may find yourself reading this book and recognizing a coworker or two. I know I did. I also know I found myself making a few notes in my journal of things I wanted to remember. This is certainly a book I would consider keeping on my shelf at work. To be honest, a lot of the terms are applicable and present in academic librarianship, which, along with the pretentiousness often found in higher education overall, has plenty of bullshit present.

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