The Cambridge Companion to Henry David Thoreau

ISBN: 0521445949
ISBN 13: 9780521445948
By: Joel Myerson

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About this book

Presenting essays by distinguished contributors, this collection is a valuable resource for historical and contextual material, whether on early writings like A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, the monumental

Reader's Thoughts

Barret Jeglinski

This collection of letters and essays reveals more about the life and character of Theroux than any other biography I've read about him. Of particular interest is the section devoted to his relationship with Emerson and it's dark pitfalls the other biographies on the two men tip toe around. Juicy transcendental gossip, I tell you!!!


The essays compiled in this book treat Thoreau as a minor intellect. Perhaps that is why they fall short of offering true glimpses into Thoreau's project. If you have esteemed this collection in the past, read Stanley Cavell's short book "The Senses of Walden" for comparison.

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