The Chain Letter

ISBN: 0440420113
ISBN 13: 9780440420118
By: Julie Schumacher

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About this book

Livvie isn’t superstitious like her best friend, Joyce, who thinks everything is bad luck. So Livvie isn’t worried about tearing up the chain letter and throwing it away–until she’s humiliated in gym class, falls down her back stairs, and gets invited to Thanksgiving dinner at Peter Finch’s house. Peter’s dad has crooked teeth, a plastic wonderland in his front yard, and some kind of secret up in his study. There is no way Livvie wants Phil Finch to date her mom.But it’s hard work keeping their families apart–especially when Livvie is assigned to work on the sixth-grade snow maze project with Peter. Clearly, Joyce was right: breaking the chain was a huge mistake. And the only way to set things straight is to find out who sent the letter in the first place. . . .Rich in humor and suspense, Julie Schumacher’s absorbing novel is about friendship, choices, and the kind of luck that really matters.From the Hardcover edition.

Reader's Thoughts


The chain letter is also a good book that I randomly chose from a book fair in my middle school last year. It is a good book about superstitions which you can probably tell based on the name "The Chain Letter". The book is really good and does really show how believing in bad luck can really affect people...I almost started believing in good/bad luck after reading this book. :)Joking. But is good. You should read it if your into superstitious books!!!


I love this book really suspenseful and you could relate to it


this book is AWESOME!! :D

Katie A

The story The Chain Letter by Julie Schumacher Livvie does not believe in superstition like her best friend Joyce. Through the story Livve goes through a lot to change her mind about superstition. When they both receive a chain letter and Joyce sends it on and Livve does no bad thing start to happen to Livve. Bad things never use to happen to her until now. She gets in trouble in choir class, looses her math books, falling down the back stairs and getting invited to dinner at Peter Finches house. This makes her relies that she needs to find the letter. Most of the tension is because she does not want her mom to date Peters father Phil. He wants to date her mother but she does not want her to. She is a good friend with Peter but his dad is not normal. Through the story bad things happen to Livve and through the story Joyce is telling her that he told her so. Julia Schumacher is a well-published writer. She has written many books that have been nominated and won awards. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She was one of five girls and she was the youngest. Before she became a writer she had many other jobs. She worked at an ice cream shop but got fired because she did not know how to make a banana split. She also was a legal secretary and an associate editor for medical magazines. Her first published story, "Reunion," written to fulfill an undergraduate writing assignment "tell a family tale" was reprinted in The Best American Short Stories 1983. Additional stories were published in The Atlantic, MS, and Minnesota. She is now working at the English Department at the University of Minnesota. I would recommend this book very much to teen readers. It is a very entertaining read that many would enjoy. Livvie is confronted with real life issues of family and friendship. She learns that good luck is sometimes disguised as bad luck and that you can make your own luck in life. This is the kind of book that keeps you turning pages. You want to read on to see what happens to her and to see if her good luck comes back. This book teaches you a lesson that even if you don’t believe in something still go through with it because it might be better in the long run. Julie Schumacher made this clear in this book and that is why I would recommend it to you.


Read the first 3 pages, and couldn't stand it. Couldn't hold my attention

Sara Yuen

I thought that this book was really good because I was able to connect to it. One connection was that the main idea of this book was that it was about how the main character did not send a chain letter and all the bad luck started to happen. I also get these type of chain letters but never send them because I do not believe in those type of things. Sometimes I think about it twice, but still never do it because I know that it is just made up. When I read this book, I noticed that there were two main themes and they were to always do what something tells you and friendship because the main character got into a serious fight with one of her close friend and she didn't have anyone to talk to about the problems that she has been experiencing. Also you should do what you are told because you don't want anything bad to happen you.


Really good...kinda scary

Lucylucy Guitierrez

As my opinion i think this book is really good.Connets whit my life and i think it was so good for all my friends and people to read this book.It was delightfull the hours i spent reading this book in my room.I JUST HOPE YOU ENJOYED it the way i did.

Zooey Riveria

Well...that was unexpected.I really didn't expect that ending. In fact, I didn't even expect myself to pull through the book at all. But as I read on, it got even more interesting. It wasn't very impressive - no impressive writing or plot, just a cute quick read. I recommend for girls the age of 9-12. c:


This was a really good mystery book. Julie Schumacher has a great way of describing superstitions, and why to avoid chain letters. READ IT!

Tasya Russell

I think it was such a good book. I loved reading it. I really connected to it and the detail was fantastic. I just don"t remember what the chain letter said. Although I would love to remember I don't remember Livvie's last name. But the book was fantastic and i would recommend this book to everybody. My reveiw 5 stars.

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