The Changeling

ISBN: 1590301943
ISBN 13: 9781590301944
By: Kate Horsley

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About this book

Kate Horsley tells the story of a young girl's search for identity in a brutal and unforgiving world. Set in an impoverished village in rural Ireland in the 1300s, Horsley's heroine must reckon with gender confusion, the hypocrisy of the Church, and widespread disease.

Reader's Thoughts


This book dragged on and on. Suffering. Misery. Plague. But I just never cared about the character enough to make it worth my while. What a disappointment.


So far it seems really good. I got through 43 pages during my lunch half hour, and that was with distractions. I'm looking forward to sitting down and immersing myself completely. :)Ok.. I loved the book... until the last 20 pages. Then. It changed. It went Awry. In the worst possible way. I may have to write myself a new ending.


This is a book that starts strong and then becomes a morass of symbolism, navel gazing, and jump cuts in plot and character developments. Time is spottily devoted to developing different aspects of the plot and the resulting narrative has the audience grasping at straws trying to decipher what is important an what should be tossed aside as tonal dreck.


this book does keep you reading, twisting and turning its way through the book. The ending is what throws me off.

Jaclyn Goss

Not to be confused with the novel connected to angelina jolies newest movie. The changling follows a girl who is brought up as a boy. Fearing loosing her child to the anger of her husband, she raises her daughter as a boy, fooling both child and father, by convincing them both she has very deformed genitals. Through shame the girl grows up the pride of her father, and the secret of her mother, only to be pushed finally in the direction of the church. Unfortunatly nature has it's own way of revealing her "flaws," while she is in seminary to become a holy man. Story takes place during the black plague era, and thus gives you a historical reference to the disease, time period and seminary life, in the dark era.


If you love novels of the medieval age, be sure to give this book a try. It is rich in language and in description of the Dark Ages. The characters are compelling, each offering "layers" of personality and dimension. Wonderfully entertaining and thought-provoking. (This book was available in my local library as a hardback.)

Deborah Drake

Another strong historical fiction that inspires deep thinking about the genders, spiritualisty vs religion and love. A page turner from the start for me.




While I liked the concept and the plot of this novel, I think it would have greatly benefited by having the narrative be more closely tied with the protagonist. Grey, the protagonist, is such an interesting character, first being raised to believe she was a boy, then finding forbidden love, eventually becoming mother, wife, and warrior. I would have loved to have been more inside Grey's (what must have been) tumultuous mind. However, Horsley tends to write very distantly from her characters and you get the sense that you are observing the story from a great distance without ever really knowing the characters.


Lovvvveeedddd iiiittt


I loved this book. Pure poetry... Right now I´m checking other Horsley´s books.

Patina Harrell

ok so i liied i didn;t read this book completely...i just can't, i really enjoyed pagan nun and i liked this book but after renewing it twice i think i have to give up and admit it just isn't the time to read it....i hope some of you have better luck and I hope to one day come back to this book

Lhizz Browne

Very lyrical writing and an intriguing premise. It is a timely reminder, along with Connie Willis' "Doomsday Book", of the impact that the Black Death had on the culture and outlook of the people living at the time.

Esther Visser

I love this book so much! Well worth the read :)


It is interesting to read about gender issues in the muck of poor 14th century Ireland. It's a nice little story

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