The Changeling

ISBN: 1590301943
ISBN 13: 9781590301944
By: Kate Horsley

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About this book

Kate Horsley tells the story of a young girl's search for identity in a brutal and unforgiving world. Set in an impoverished village in rural Ireland in the 1300s, Horsley's heroine must reckon with gender confusion, the hypocrisy of the Church, and widespread disease.

Reader's Thoughts

Susan Chisholm

Wonderful storytelling. Intriguing place in history. I don't finish books that don't pull me in. Or rather when the storytelling falters, i skip to the end. I absolutely drooled over every word on every page of this novel. Horsely is an ambitious researcher with an active imagination that i want to peek in on regularly.

Patina Harrell

ok so i liied i didn;t read this book completely...i just can't, i really enjoyed pagan nun and i liked this book but after renewing it twice i think i have to give up and admit it just isn't the time to read it....i hope some of you have better luck and I hope to one day come back to this book


this book does keep you reading, twisting and turning its way through the book. The ending is what throws me off.

Chelsea Mannie

brilliant and beautifully sad


This was a very thought-provoking read, that much is for sure. I won't go into the whole summary which you can read at the top, but I will say this: I am very disturbed by just how harsh life was for my ancestors. The Changeling brings to life the misery and suffering of daily life in Ireland set amongst the 1400's.


worth the time, good story- light enough to be mind wash & deep enough to be hard to put down.


This was the second time reading The Changeling of Finnistuath. The first time I read it was 9 years ago when it was first published. I remembered liking it, so thought I would re-read. I suppose that a more seasoned reading palate and some years of life experience have effected my response to this book.The story starts out well enough with a very interesting scenario, and set in a great time period. Sadly, I became less enchanted by the book this second time around. The narrative is very involved, it felt like it took forever to read. There are long passages that follow the thoughts and actions of several side characters, a midwife, lord's son etc. This was somewhat interesting, but seemed overdone and tiresome after a bit. SPOILERS TO FOLLOWThe worst part for me was as the story is nearing the end. Whereas time is rather crawling for the characters throughout the body of the book, towards the end years leap ahead in a few pages. Suddenly Grey is older, her son ages to sexual maturity and is quickly killed...I don't know, I just felt like this "older" personification of Grey didn't fit with the character I had been reading about through the majority of the book. Then the passages of her lengthy mourning and nomadic lifestyle vaguely described, I felt like the book kept going on and on when it could have ended chapters earlier with more satisfaction. This may be interesting for a one time read, but definitely not a keeper for me.

Maree Kniest

I love this book so much. I have read it twice and it is an incredible story with a very well imagined main character. It is a book that you will wish could go on and on.


If you love novels of the medieval age, be sure to give this book a try. It is rich in language and in description of the Dark Ages. The characters are compelling, each offering "layers" of personality and dimension. Wonderfully entertaining and thought-provoking. (This book was available in my local library as a hardback.)

Deborah Drake

Another strong historical fiction that inspires deep thinking about the genders, spiritualisty vs religion and love. A page turner from the start for me.


Lovvvveeedddd iiiittt


I loved this book. Pure poetry... Right now I´m checking other Horsley´s books.


So far it seems really good. I got through 43 pages during my lunch half hour, and that was with distractions. I'm looking forward to sitting down and immersing myself completely. :)Ok.. I loved the book... until the last 20 pages. Then. It changed. It went Awry. In the worst possible way. I may have to write myself a new ending.

Esther Visser

I love this book so much! Well worth the read :)


A complete waste of time....I kept thinking it would get better, but it never did.

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