The Changeling (Daughters of England, #15)

ISBN: 0449146979
ISBN 13: 9780449146972
By: Philippa Carr

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About this book

Rebecca MandevilleThe story of The Changeling is told by Angelet's daughter, Rebecca, who was born in Benedict Lansdon's house in an Australian gold-mining township. Before Rebecca was born, her father had died saving another man's life. She had always looked up to him as a great hero and when she heard that her mother was to marry Benedict Lansdon, she was deeply shocked.The prolific British author of historical romances (The Pool of St. Branok) continues her lavishly entwined narrative of the families connected to Benedict Lansdon, now a recently bereaved widower, absentee father and wealthy seeker of a Parliament seat. Narrated by Benedict's aggrieved stepdaughter, Rebecca, this complex tale of love and betrayal concerns a three-cornered sibling relationship involving Rebecca, her half-sister, Belinda and Lucie, a country waif informally adopted by Benedict. Aware that her father blames her for her mother's death in childbirth, Belinda takes refuge in michievous behavior. Placid Lucie, however, fits in well with the family, though her lineage is suspect and clouded with mysterious events at St. Branok's pool. Although Belinda seems the most obvious "changeling," Carr sustains an air of doubt and intrigue. The ambience of the Cornish countryside and of Victorian London permeate this piquantly Gothic family saga.

Reader's Thoughts

An Odd1

*** "The Changeling" by Philippa Carr aka Victoria Holt is an old-fashioned kiss-less romance in Victorian England, entangled in servant gossip and rising political ambition, with children and adults who can behave both well and ill. I had heard of Rebecca de Mandeville, but mistakenly connected with the story called Rebecca. Becca is born in Australia in the same fine house as Pedrek, and when her father dies saving his in a mine accident, both grow up in Cornwall, childhood sweethearts. I do not think I have read the story before, just that the author leaves pointed clues so we are ahead of the characters to decipher a mysterious adoption, attack, and disappearance.

Karen Dempsey

** spoiler alert ** I love the daughters of England series but I just did not like this book. I think Philippa Carr missed the mark on this one. The historical info she usually writes about wasn't there, and I missed reading about family members from previous books growing old and the mature knowledge they provide. The death of her mother at the beginning of the book left me disappointed.

Tammie Elliott

book 14


Another excellent installment in the gothic romance world of Philippa Carr (aka Victoria Holt). Yet another well done twist (had my suspicions throughout the book, but was not sure till the end). Historically accurate and interesting read.


It is not too difficult to guess who the "changeling" is, but knowing in advance does not spoil the satisfaction of seeing what direction things take. Set in Victorian London and Cornwall.


The Changeling is not a mystery, nor is it a good historical novel, both of which are genres I love. Instead it is a stereotypical romance novel that just happens to be set in Victorian England. The author dropped a couple of names (Disraeli and Gladstone)and describes the Queen (in passing) as "a diminutive figure with an expression of gloom and an air of aloofness which was rather disconcerting." But this was not enough to truly leave the reader with a sense of the time or place in which the story was set.Mystery? No mystery here. Read the title. Story? Read the jacket fly leaf and save yourself time. If you really like Harlequin Romances, you will probably like The Changeling. I do not and I did not.


I just could not read this book. It was written well, the characters were fleshed out, the settings well described and plausible, but after 78 pages I just didn't care about the young lady's dislike of her stepfather and that was all that seemed to be discussed. As a rule I can't read this author's books fast enough so I honestly don't know what happened with this one.


The writing was fine, but the storyline reminded me of a night-time drama or soap opera. I suppose it fits with when the book was written. Gotta love those 80s!


One of my favorite books from high school, this is the story of childhood sweethearts from Cornwall, a suitably dramatic setting for this gothic tale! This book has everything: deaths, ghosts, babies switched at birth, ravishments in old castles . . . and yet it's all very demurely done. I liked that quite a bit, it was very reminiscent of something like Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. Affairs and other scandalous matters were spoken of with veiled comments and euphemisms that were in keeping with the time period. The mysteries (there are a couple) are well done, as are the romances (there are a couple of those, too).


F Hol

Mary Weibling

Your typical Victorian novel.

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