The Collapse of Evolution

ISBN: 0801057744
ISBN 13: 9780801057748
By: Scott M. Huse

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Reader's Thoughts


This book makes some excellent arguements for creationism from a scientific point of view. However, the entire book (much like the title) is a little over the top with its claims.While this book provides excellent and helpful counter-arguments to evolution, it does not cause evolution to collapse. All this book does--in my opinion--is provide scientific evidence for how evolution could be wrong. As such, the text fails to accomplish its claim.I happen to personally believe that science cannot prove the existence of a creator, it can only point to that possibility. Now philosophy ... well, that's a different story.


For those who without preconception analyze the facts, Evolutionary "science" is an oxymoron. The fact is Science cannot determine origin. Because Science by its very definition must be observable. However since modern scientist are bent on proving a universe Billions of years old, and organisms slithering out of the prehistoric muck, then as Christians we had better get the facts. This books does a good job of presenting the facts. Albeit in a biased viewpoint, but facts are facts. I read this book years ago and have given it away to a student that had questions about origins. This student was just finding what they believed in. He said he really was having difficulty rationally accepting creation as a truth. So I gave him this book. I tried to explain that no book, can prove Creation, or Evolution, but this does at least shoot holes in the Evolutionary process. The bottom line is Faith.


this was one of the first books I read on the flaws of modern evolutionary theory. it opened my mind on a path that led to understanding the science of creationism and young earth. it is relatively simple and aimed at a broad introductory case for the many many flaws of evolution. i think that it does cause the collapse of evolution as the title claims although it is not the in-depth definitive work on the arguments but a presentation of the broad picture. you don't have to commit intellectual suicide to believe in young earth creation, quiet to the contrary you have to play see no evil hear no evil to ignore the sinking ship of evolution and an old earth view. this book is written to the receptive, if you want to debate this topic with the definitively non receptive you will have to dive deeper into the arguments but this book will point you in the right direction. the idea that "Blind faith" is the way is a lie, in the old testament the phrase that you may KNOW is used over and over, my faith is not blind but informed. at the beginning of Romans the it says that they know the truth but suppress it in unrighteousness. to dive deeper read the case for the creator and darwins black box just to start. i recommend this book to anyone willing to ask themselves the question how do i know what i think about the age of the universe or the science i take for granted. this book is not the case study but the questions and the introduction to the problems with the unproven yet pushed science of Darwinian evolution and the assumption the world is billions and billions of years old. you want the true end all case study go straight to Darwin's black box by Behe. there is no getting around irreducible complexity and the programming language of DNA (specific complicated organised data). evolution, to borrow an image from this book is a chair with no legs that countless people unwilling to accept the truth choose to sit in. i am a young earth creationist and i love science because it allows us to see the hand of god, unless we are looking not to find him.

Darrin Niday

pretty interesting read.

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