The Collected Writings of Robert Motherwell

ISBN: 0520221796
ISBN 13: 9780520221796
By: Robert Motherwell Stephanie Terenzio

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About this book

This book brings together a representative selection of Robert Motherwell's writings about art, public lectures, essays, interviews, and letters. Motherwell's writing was invaluable in articulating the intent of the New York School of American artists—Pollock, de Kooning, Gottlieb, Kline, Baziotes, Still, Gorky—during a period when their work was often reviled for its departure from traditional representation. Motherwell was not only the primary theorist of abstract expressionism but also one of its major exponents. As founder of the Documents of Modern Art series (later renamed The Documents of Twentieth-Century Art), he gathered the writings of modern artists to give them a voice at a time when very few people understood their theories or work.

Reader's Thoughts

Mark Desrosiers

As far as I can tell, this was the only great painter who acquired the ability to write eloquently about his art. And actually I'm not sure if he was "great" -- I just adore his Elegies to the Spanish Republic wherever I encounter them. Smart guy, great promoter of that fifties abstract NYC aesthetic (lots of which I still dig), fully politicized, fun to read. Any suggestions for other painters who are also great writers (or at least fun to read)?


my favorite art theory book to date

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