The Complete Clerihews of E. Clerihew Bentley

ISBN: 0192129783
ISBN 13: 9780192129789
By: Nicolas Bentley G.K. Chesterton Victor Reinganum

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About this book

Edmund Clerihew Bentley published a volume of nonsense verse consisting of a series of four-liners designed to poke fun at distinguished personalities. Illustrated by Bentley’s lifelong friend, eminent critic and author G. K. Chesterton, they were known as clerihews and became as popular as the limerick form. In The Complete Clerihews the entire collection is presented, with original illustrations. The assortment of over 100 participants includes Karl Marx, Jane Austen, Mussolini, Henry VIII, Noel Coward, Tennyson, Dante, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dorothy Sayers, Aeschylus, Keats, President Roosevelt, Cleopatra, and Lewis Carroll.

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