The Complete Verse and Other Nonsense

ISBN: 0142002275
ISBN 13: 9780142002278
By: Edward Lear Vivien Noakes

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About this book

The absurd and fanciful verses of Edward Lear-from "The Owl and the Pussy-cat" to "The Jumblies," from "The Scroobious Pip" to countless limericks-have enchanted generations of readers, children and adults alike. This delightful collection, the most comprehensive ever compiled of his work, presents all of Lear's verse and other nonsense writings, including stories, letters, and illustrated alphabets, as well as previously unpublished material. Featuring Lear's own line drawings throughout and an introduction by leading Lear authority Vivien Noakes, this captivating volume reveals a complex man of ample talents, achievements, and influence-and is teeming with timeless nonsense.

Reader's Thoughts


An absolutely wonderful and funny book for all human beings be they adult or child. Put this book on your list to keep on hand to read to any children in your life. Children have fabulous senses of humor. Edward Lear is just as smart and funny today as he was in the mid 19th century when he lived, wrote, and illustrated. No home should be without this book.

Avis Black

Lear's best poems are good; the problem is that there are so few of them among all the work he produced.


Absolutely must be read aloud - and preferably with other people!

Steve Shilstone

Among Mr. Lear's characters, I really do most sincerely appreciate Violet, Lionel, Guy, and Slingsby.


Overall pretty good. I have to say though that the standards for what makes a good limerick have come a long way since Lear's time.


Love these nonsensical texts!

Bobby Morris

I've been a huge fan of Edward Lear's nonsense ever since I was a boy.


The book is full of fascinating nonsense.


so far it is lovely. i especially enjoy his nonsense botany doodles and other artwork included!

Jennifer H

This was fun to skim through


Lear could draw, too. And he knew how to have fun. What is not to love?

Brandon White

A bit repetitive at times, and definitely not, by todays standards at least, entirely "child friendly". Regardless, I enjoyed it for what it was... nonsense.

Adam Weber

So much fun for anyone of any age.


Sin sentido???Pues para mí sí que tiene, y mucho!!hay que encontrarle el sentido al sin sentido...Creo que es libro más original que me he leído nunca, mezclando poesía, narrativa, dibujos, abecedarios, canciones, recetas de cocina....increíble!!Leeré más de Edward Lear; dejaré que me sorprenda aún más!

aljouharah altheeyb

مثل ماقلت من قبل، أدب التفاهة حاجة غريبه وجميلة وممتعة! أفكار كثيره عجيبه تُخلط وتتحرك وتخرج بسلاسة وكأنها تحدث كُل يوم. شخصيات لا تفكر بإمكانية تحويلها لأبطال قصص تجدها ترقص وتسافر في مغامرات طويله لا معنى لها. حبيت إدورد لير من هالكتاب. حس الفكاهة عنده جداً عالي ومميز.

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